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वितरक सेवा  निविदा आणि वीज पुरवठ्याच्या शर्ती  ACCEPTANCE OF SUPPLIES OR INSPECTION


(a)        The supplier shall normally offer at a time the entire quantity required to be delivered every month as per the delivery schedule indicated at Sr. No. IV of Annexure B for the purpose of inspection by the Board. However, in exceptional circumstances, the supplier may be allowed to offer quantity at a time not less than 50% of the quantity required to be delivered every month.

(b)        Materials shall be inspected by the Boards Executive Engineer/or the representative authorized by the Board before despatch. An intimation in the prescribed proforma about the date on which materials shall be ready for inspection, indicating approximate quantity, shall have to be given to the Executive Engineer (Inspection Wing), Maharashtra State Electricity Board, Prakashgad. 1st floor, Station Road, Bandra (East), Mumbai - 4.00 051, so as to reach him sufficiently in advance, failing which, the supplier shall be responsible for delay in delivery on account of inspection. On receipt of such intimation, the materials shall be inspected within 30 days. The materials shall be despatched only after inspection and approval of same by the Inspector. The inspection approval letter shall be valid for a period of 21 days from the date of issue of letter to enable the supplier pack the material and arrange transportation thereof within the said period. After this period of 21 days, the validity of this inspection approval letter will lapse. Thereafter, the material will have to be offered for re-inspection at the cost and risk of the supplier. Further the price variation shall be payable limited to the period of original call letter or the actual date of despatch whichever is lower and the liquidated damages for late delivery shall be levied on such delays.

(c)        The supplier shall notify the names of the consignees to whom the inspected lot would be despatched. The Inspector shall intimate change in destination, if any, at the time of inspection approval and accordingly the material shall be despatched. The supplier shall get the copies of inspection approval letter together with witness certificate duly signed by the concerned Inspecting Officer IN BLUE INK only and also mention reference or inspection approval letter on the challan/invoice, failing which any delay occurred in getting the S.R. Notes from the consignees would be solely to suppliers account.

(d)       In the event, during the inspection by the Boards Inspecting Officer, if it is observed that the quantity actually offered for inspection is less than the quantity indicated for inspection in the inspection call, the Board shall be entitled to recover from the supplier, the actual expenses incurred for arranging the inspection, and the supplier shall not dispute the amount to be recovered.

(e)        The supplier shall submit the test certificates/reports from any approved laboratory or the laboratory of his own. for the respective quantity of material, before despatch. The material shall not be despatched unless and until the test certificates are approved by the Board.

(f)        All the necessary help shall be extended by the supplier to the authorized representative of the Board to carry out testing of equipment/materials.


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