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वितरक सेवा  निविदा आणि वीज पुरवठ्याच्या शर्ती  LIFTING OF REJECTED OR DAMAGED MATERIALS


a) On failure to replace or repair the transit damaged or rejected material within one month from the date of intimation as required under tender, it shall be deemed to have concluded that such material is finally rejected. The damaged/rejected material shall be lifted by the supplier within 30 days from the date of receipt of notice to that effect from the concerned consignee on reimbursement to the Board of the cost of the material / equipment, if any, already paid in terms of payment clause in the contract and actual expenses incurred by the consignee towards octroi, handling, demurrage/wharf age/under charges freight, insurance premium etc. The board shall not be responsible in any case for the loss, destruction, damage, deterioration of the material after expiry of the said 30 days period.

b) If the supplier fails to lift the material within this period, the material will remain with the Board at the cost and risk of the supplier. Supplier shall, therefore, be liable to pay ground rent @ 0.1% per day of purchase cost of the material to be lifted from the date of intimation of rejection till the actual date of lifting.

c) The Board will be also free to dispose of such material, after the period of said 30 days by Public auction/Tender notice/Destruction as may be deemed fit and storage charges @ 0.1 % per day of purchase cost will be recovered from the date of intimation of rejection of materials till the date of realization of the sale amount/physical removal of the material besides the actual expenses incurred as referred to at (a) above.

d) Not withstanding what is contended in the foregoing clauses, the supplier shall be liable to pay the Board the cost and expenses incurred by the Board, if any, including ground rent and the same shall be appropriated and recovered from the sale proceeds.


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