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वितरक सेवा  निविदा आणि वीज पुरवठ्याच्या शर्ती  LIQUIDATED DAMAGES FOR LATE DELIVERY


In case the materials are not delivered within the period stipulated in the order, the supplier shall be liable to pay at the discretion of the competent authority of the Board, the liquidated damages to the Board up to half percent per week or part of week on the price subject to a maximum of cumulative ceiling of 10% reckoned on the contract value of such complete portion or section of the plant, equipment or material, delayed and also the portion supplied which could not be brought into commission due to any part thereof not having been delivered in time. Due consideration may be given in the levy of liquidated damages for reasons absolutely beyond the control of the supplier, for which documentary evidence shall be produced to the satisfaction of the competent authority of the Board.

The Board shall be entitled to deduct/recover the amount of liquidated damages from the current bill payable to the supplier or any other amount due or payable to him against this or any other contract.

For computing the liquidated damages for delayed supplies, the date of railway receipt or the date or receipt of materials at stores in case of road transport, shall be the date of delivery.

In case the Board does not arrange for inspection of material within 30 days from the date of receipt of inspection call in its office, the period of more than 30 days will not be considered for levy of liquidated damages. For computing the period taken for inspection in such cases, the relevant date mentioned in the inspection certificate issued by the inspecting officer would be considered.


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