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वितरक सेवा  निविदा आणि वीज पुरवठ्याच्या शर्ती  REPLACEMENT OF REJECTED MATERIALS


If, on inspection at the final destination, the Board discovers any loss in the materials supplied or that they are received in damaged condition or that in the opinion of the Board, they are not of the contracted quality or specification, the Board shall be entitled (notwithstanding that the property in the materials shall have passed on to the Board) to refuse to accept or reject the materials altogether and claim damages or cancel the contract and buy its requirements from any of its suppliers, stipulating earliest possible delivery and in accordance with its tender system against the supplier and recover the damages if any, from the supplier from any outstanding, sums that may be due to the supplier from the Board against this contract or against any of the contract entered into with the supplier, without prejudice to other rights and remedies available to it in law and reserving always to itself the right to forfeit the security deposit placed by the supplier for the due fulfillment of the contract.

In case the stores/materials are found not in accordance with the prescribed specifications and/or the approved sample, the same will be rejected and the supplier shall replace the rejected stores/materials free of cost within one month from the date of intimation. The replacement of goods shall also have to be got inspected as per inspection clause. Further if the stores/ equipment supplied becomes incomplete on account of either rejection or short supply of its components, the complete cost of the stores/equipment shall be recovered from suppliers bills without notice.

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