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7000016740 Karad

SRM e-Tender notice (Second Call) for the work of Augmentation scheme by providing additional 1x100 MVA, 220/132-110KV ICT along with Bay equipments and allied works at 220 KV Niwaliphata substation, Dist-Ratnagiri.

27-07-2020 04-08-2020 (154 KB)
EE/EHV O&M/DN/SGL/ T/No.869 Dated 06/07/2020 Karad

Cancellation of Enquiry for Supply of Safety Shoes for the employees working under EHV O&M Division, Sangli.

27-07-2020 03-08-2020 (14 KB)
7000016925 Vashi

E-enquiry for Work of overhauling SF6 gas handling plant with replacement of damaged pipeline, gauges, valve etc.  at 400kV Substation Nagothane under 400 KV R.S. (O&M) Division Nagothane under EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel

27-07-2020 03-08-2020 (91 KB)
7000016767 Nashik

EHV (O&M) Circle,Bhusawal:Extension to 2nd Call Notice For Work Of Design, Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of 33 KV, 2x5MVAR, 2X10 MVAR & 2X15MVAR Capacitor Banks Along With Associated HV Bays & Civil Works At Various EHV Substations Under EHV PC O&M Zone, Nashik.

27-07-2020 31-07-2020 (373 KB)
7000016767 Nashik

Extension Notice Work of Providing and fixing of 48V, 300A Float cum Boost Battery Charger at 400 kV R.S. Dn, Deepnagar,Bhusawal-II

27-07-2020 31-07-2020 (373 KB)
7000016934 Nagpur

E-TENDER NOTICE for engaging semiskilled manpower on outsourcing basis for the post of Tech Gr-IV for works under EHV Projects Division-II Nagpur,under EHV Projects Circle Nagpur for Year 2020 – 2021

27-07-2020 02-08-2020 (364 KB)
7000016923 Nagpur

SRM E-TENDER NOTICE Complete job work in r/o Annual Maintenance (AMC) for Cleaning/ Up keeping premises of 400KV/220KV Khaperkheda S/S under 400KV R.S (O&M) Division Khaperkheda

25-07-2020 31-07-2020 (22 KB)
7000016928 Amravati

SRM e-TENDER NOTICE Construction of Tower protection wall at Location No. 131 of 220KV Apatapa Anjangaon ( Vihigaon ) D/C line near 220KV S/Stn Anjangaon ( Vihigaon ) Dist. Amravati.

25-07-2020 01-08-2020 (290 KB)
7000016262 Nashik

EHV (O&M) Circle,Bhusawal:2nd Call Notice for work of Design, supply, installation, Testing and commissioning of 33 kV, 2x5MVAR, 2X10 MVAR & 2X15MVAR Capacitor Banks along with associated HV bays & civil works at various EHV substations under EHV PC O&M Zone, Nashik.

25-07-2020 08-08-2020 (179 KB)
7000016903 Nagpur

SRM e-TENDER NOTICE AMC for the year 2020-21 for the work of uprooting of grass,plants, weeds, small trees, etc. along with weed control Treatment ( Chemical Treatment ) and disposing the removed weeds/Grass at various EHV substations under EHV(O&M) Division, MSETCL, Bhandara.

25-07-2020 03-08-2020 (94 KB)
7000016932 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Notice  regarding Work of supply & installation of advance cable transit system at 132kV Besa & 132 kV Mankapur substation under RS Ringmain Division Nagpur.

25-07-2020 01-08-2020 (213 KB)
7000016901 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of construction of compound wall in place of damaged chain link fencing at 132 KV substation Elichpur Dist. Nanded, under EHV CCCM Division Parbhani.

25-07-2020 01-08-2020 (554 KB)
7000016691 Karad

Cancellation of Tender (RFX No. 7000016691) notice for the Work of providing outsource LDC cum Computer Operators & Peon under EHV O&M Division, Karad.

24-07-2020 03-08-2020 (57 KB)
7000016927 Karad

Work of providing outsource LDC cum Computer Operators & Peon under EHV O&M Division, Karad.

24-07-2020 31-07-2020 (16 KB)
7000016926 Nagpur

SRM Etender Upgradation of Laptop and procurement of new Laptop under EHV PC O&M Zone Nagpur.

24-07-2020 03-08-2020 (202 KB)
574 Amravati

Extension of E-Enquiry for work of supply of SF6 25 Kg Gas cylinder under EHV (O&M) Division, Buldhana.

24-07-2020 29-07-2020 (309 KB)
7000016921 Karad

SRM E-Enquiry for work of transportation of S/s material, Oil drums, tank etc. from various Stores / Substations/Sites to 400 KV Talandge S/s. New Koyna S/s. etc. (RFx No. 7000016921)

24-07-2020 31-07-2020 (71 KB)
7000016733 Karad

Supply of 5KV High Voltage Insulation testing Kit & Digital Earth Tester at 400KV Receiving station Alkud(M) , Under 400KV RS Dn. Alkud(M).

24-07-2020 30-07-2020 (30 KB)
7000016930 Nagpur

E-TENDER (RFx) NOTICE Painting of tower by applying one coat of Red oxide & two coat of Aluminium paint including cleaning of rusted portion & Painting of tower at various 132KV EHV lines under LMSDN Madgi & Kardha

24-07-2020 31-07-2020 (85 KB)
7000016540 Nashik

2nd call Notice for Work of providing services of manpower on outsourcing basis for the post of Operator, Jr.Technician at various divisions under EHV (O&M) Circle Nashik.

24-07-2020 31-07-2020 (396 KB)
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