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Enquiry L.No.382 Pune

E-enquiry for work of weed control chemical treatment in 400kV, 220kV, 22kV S/Yard area & 22KV Cable yard area  at 400kV R.S. Chakan. (dated 24.12.2021)

24-12-2021 03-01-2022 (408 KB)
MSETCL/EE/400KV/TAL/TECH-14/No- 0420 Karad

Supply of Ferrule printing machine at 400kV R.S.Division Talandge

24-12-2021 03-01-2022 (35 KB)
7000021771 Karad

Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Testing of Control Switching Device (CSD) suitable & compatible for existing CGL make Circuit Breaker for upcoming ‘Kanohar’ make 420 KV 80 MVAr reactor at 400 KV R.S.Karad.

25-12-2021 03-01-2022 (1.2 MB)
7000021574 Karad

Repairing & Overhauling OLTC (Intank/Outank) of any make of Power T/F at various substations under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur

24-12-2021 03-01-2022 (43 KB)
7000021700 Karad

Measurement of tower footing resistance of various 220/110kV lines under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur

24-12-2021 03-01-2022 (43 KB)
7000021696 Karad

Supply & Installation of desktop computers for office of the Executive Engineer, EHV O&M Division Kolhapur

23-12-2021 03-01-2022 (43 KB)
7000021772 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Providing and fixing of Spike Type Lightening Arrester(Guard) using special type of earthing techniques at Hilly, rocky & plane locations (Extra High current carrying capacity earth pits or maintenance free earthing i.e. Deep dig conductive type by drilling) for various EHV line under EHV (O&M) Division, Parbhani (FY 2021-22).

24-12-2021 03-01-2022 (390 KB)
RFx: 700021722 Pune

Work of online measurement of dew point & impurity in SF6 gas of 400KV & 220KV CBs at 400 KV Lamboti S/Stn ( Re Enquiry) (dated 28.12.2021)

26-12-2021 02-01-2022 (132 KB)
7000021552 Vashi

Extension for SRM E-Tender for the work of AMC for work of painting of 25 MVA TF-I,100 MVA ICT-I at 220 kV Kandalgaon S/s,50 MVA TF-I at 100 kV Roha S/ and 50 MVA TF-I,II & III at 220 kV Mahad S/s under EHV(O&M) Dn. Mahad.

25-12-2021 02-01-2022 (472 KB)
EE/400kV/RS(O&M)/Dn/BBLR/Tech/0919 Nashik

E-Enquiry for Engaging Services for hiring of outsourced Utility Vehicle (Diesel) along with driver on hired (per day) basis for diagnostic testing and routine maintenance work at 400kV Substation Maintenance Unit, Babhaleshwar under 400kV R.S. (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar. 

24-12-2021 02-01-2022 (2.1 MB)
EE/400kV/RS(O&M)/Dn/BBLR/Tech/0920 Nashik

E-Enquiry for Engaging Services for hiring of outsourced LMV Vehicle Car (Diesel) Maruti Swift Dzire /Honda Amaze / Tata Zest along with driver on hired (per day) basis to the office of Executive Engineer, Babhaleshwar under 400kV R.S. (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar. 

24-12-2021 02-01-2022 (2.1 MB)
7000021750 Nagpur

E-Tender for work of overhauling of 1 no. 400KV CGL Make Circuit Breaker mechanism drive of 400KV Bus Coupler bay at 400/220KV Koradi 1 Substation under 400KV RS (O&M) Division, Nagpur(amount Rs. 800757/).


24-12-2021 02-01-2022 (71 KB)
RFX No:- 7000021468 ( IInd CALL) Pune

SRM Re- Tender for the work of providing and fixing of Easun MR make OLTC Diverter Switch of 50MVA, 220/33KV, BHEL Make Transformer Sr.No.6005767 available at 220 KV Pandhapur Substation under jurisdiction of Trans O & M Division, Solapur (dated 23.12.2021)

24-12-2021 02-01-2022 (304 KB)
7000021784 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of Health Assessment of grounding system & soil resistivity measurement (Earthing Audit) at various Sub-stations, under EHV (O&M) Circle, Aurangabad.

24-12-2021 01-01-2022 (378 KB)
7000021667 Vashi

Extension to E-Tender for Work of Replacement of Earth wire at 220/100 KV Borivali S/S under EHV (O&M) Dn.Bhandup

25-12-2021 01-01-2022 (99 KB)
7000021767 Vashi

SRM enquiry for replacement of TF cooling fan supporting bracket of 200MVA ICT I at 220kV RS Kalwa under 400kV RS O&M Dn Kalwa.

25-12-2021 01-01-2022 (840 KB)
SE/EHV/O&M/Circle NSK/TECH/1778 Nashik

E-Enquiry for Hiring of Tata Sumo/Bolero 9 seater & equivalent diesel vehicle for PID testing unit under EHV O&M Circle Nashik (on outsourcing).

24-12-2021 01-01-2022 (1.4 MB)
RFx: 700021715 Pune

Retender :Work of providing of Outsource Skilled ITI Holder deputy chief Techanicans & Semiskilled as Jr Technicians at various substations under EHV O&M Circle, Solapur

PRE bid meetting 21.12.2021 (dated 17.12.2021)

17-12-2021 01-01-2022 (183 KB)
RFX No. 7000021724 Pune

Cancellation notice of E Tender for providing skilled man power as Outsourcing Dy.Chief Technician to Asst.Tech at various substations ( Zone I & Zone III) under EHV O&M Division-I, Pune.. (dated 05.01.2022)

31-12-2021 31-12-2021 (96 KB)
7000021776 Vashi

Providing and fixing of 200W LED light & Metal Halide at Switchyard and 2feet X 2feet 36W LED fixtures in place of 36W PL tubelight in Control Room of 400 kV RS, Kharghar

24-12-2021 31-12-2021 (30 KB)
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