MAHATRANSCO - Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd.
The Largest Electric Power Transmission Utility in State Sector in India Indoor Testing Laboratory Scada/PLC Training Programmes Conducted Exclusively for Women Groups
Company Profile
Rajeev Kumar Mital, IAS, CMD more

Mission & Vision

To establish ourselves as a model STU and transmission licensee with respect to planning, project implementation, operational capabilities, performance with emphasis on cost and quality consciousness, human resources development and corporate social responsibility

Final Roll No.List of 86th Professional Exam to be held on 31st Jan 2015/01st Feb 2015.(dated 28-01-2015)
Interview Schedule for the post of “Public Relations Officer.(dated 21-01-2015)
Interview Schedule for the post of “Assistant General Manager (F&A).(dated 21-01-2015)
Result of 91th Lower Account Exam.(dated 17-01-2015)
Result of 99th Marathi Language Exam.(dated 17-01-2015)
Provisional List of 86th Professional Examination to be held on 31st Jan 2015/01st Feb 2015.(dated 17-01-2015)
Postponement of 86th Professional Examination.(dated 16-01-2015)
Mahapareshan Samachar for the month of Oct – Nov ‘2014 is uploaded in menu E-magazine.
Exemption List of Lower A/C (Paper III) & Higher Accounts Exam (Paper I & III).(dated 02-01-2015)
Rejected List for exemption of Lower & Higher Accounts Exam.(Dated 12-12-2014)
E-Tender Work of fixing of vibration dampers to various EHV lines under EHV O&M Circle,Amravati (dated 30-01-2015).
E-Tender Supply of safety Helmets for employees under EHV O&M Circle, Amravati  (dated 30-01-2015)
E-enq MSETCL/EE/400KV/RS/O&M/DN/CHN/65   Dt.30.01.2015  The work of modification of existing main AC Lighting Distribution Panel along with necessary civil works in ACDC Panel room at 400KV RS O&M Division,Chandrapur. (Dated 30-01-2015)
Enquiry for the supply of Printer on hiring basis for EHV Const. Dn., Sangli.(dated 30-01-2015)
Enquiry for Emergency work of attending of Hot spots on 220kv Y-Ph Bushing of ICT-1 & 220kV R-Ph Bushing of ICT-2 (BHEL make) at 400kV R.S.Talandge. (dated 30-01-2015)
Enquiry for AMC for Computers peripherals & networking at various S/Stns under EHV O & M Dn Karad. (dated 30-01-2015)
Extension of due date and submission date of quotation in r/o Office of Executive Engineer EHV O&M Enquiry for Providing Services of ‘LDC’ on contract basis for Administrative Division, Bapat Camp Kolhapur. (dated 30-01-2015) 
E-inquiry EE/400KV/S/S (O&M)/DN/T/449 Dt.30/01/2015. Work of Providing Antirodent/Antipest treatment at Control Room / Switchgear Room / Switchyards at 400/220KV Warora S/Stn & offices under 400KV S/S (O&M) Division Warora.(Dated 30-01-2015)
E-Tender notice from EE,EHV O&M Dn.,Kalwa for Tender No.-2/2014-15(2nd call) for "Providing & fixing of pipe type ground earthing to 100KV & 200KV & 400KV line towers under EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa."(dated 30.01.2015)

Tender EE/HVDC/TL/O&M/DN/ CHND /Tech/ T-04/2014-15 Construction and repair of compound wall, Barbed wire fencing and painting of repeater station, Watchman hut at Dhaba repeater station under HVDC TL O&M S/Dn, Chandrapur. (Dated 30-01-2015)
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