MAHATRANSCO - Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd.
The Largest Electric Power Transmission Utility in State Sector in India Indoor Testing Laboratory Scada/PLC Training Programmes Conducted Exclusively for Women Groups
Company Profile
Rajeev Kumar Mital, IAS, CMD more

Mission & Vision

To establish ourselves as a model STU and transmission licensee with respect to planning, project implementation, operational capabilities, performance with emphasis on cost and quality consciousness, human resources development and corporate social responsibility

Final Roll No.List of 101st Higher GAD Exam.(dated 03-10-2015)
Provisional List of 101st Higher GAD Examination to be held on 10th OCT 2015 and 11th OCT 2015 (dated 23-09-2015)
Rejected List for Exemption from passing Paper III of Professional Exam (dated 22-09-2015)
Result of 92nd Higher Accounts Examination held on 23rd May 2015 & 25th May 2015(dated 22-09-2015)
Technical inputs/ papers for NTPC E News Letter and NTPC Technical Journal.(dated 28-08-2015)
Final Roll No.List of 93rd Lower Account Exam to be held on 05/09/2015 to 06/09/2015.(dated 28-08-2015)
Circular No: 11032, dtd. 21.08.2015.(dated 21-08-2015)
Rejected List for exemption of Lower A/c Paper III & Higher Account I & III.(dated 21-08-2015)
Exemption List of Lower A/C (Paper III) & Higher Accounts Exam (Paper I & III).(dated 21-08-2015)
Provisional List of 93rd Lower A/c Exam to be held on 05th Sep 2015 and 06th Sep 2015.(dated 21-08-2015)
Extension of sale period Notice for E-tender No.T-29/2015-16 (2nd Call)  for  Work of Construction of 400kV Bay for shifting of existing 400kV, 50 MVAR Reactor at 400kV Substation at Khadka (Bhusawal) under EHV O&M Circle, Bhusawal(dtd 09102015)
E-enquiry for providing of tourist diesel vehicle(Tata indica/indigo/sumo or equivalent) alongwith driver on hiring basis for Testing Unit-1 Nashik(dtd 09102015)
Extension of sale period for e-Tender No.T-18/2015-16(2nd Call) for Work of construction of 3 nos. of 132kV End bays (02 nos. at 132kv Nandurbar Sub-station, 01 no at Taloda sub-station) under EHV CC O&M Zone, Nashik(dtd 09102015)
E - Tender Notice for Work of Oil Filtration and Vacuum for 400/220/33kV, ICT at 400kV R.S. Babhaleshwar(dtd 09102015)
E-enquiry for supply of capacitor connecting copper rope for 132KV 20MVAR Bank with capacitor under EHV O&M Divn. Nashik(dtd 09102015)
E-enquiry for work of providing & fixing of Twin palm for 132KV Igatpuri stage-I & allied line under EHV O&M Divn. Nasik(dtd 09102015)
E-tender notice for Tender No. CE/EHV CC O&M/NSK/T-24/2015-16( 2nd Call), Design, Engineering, supply, erection, testing and commissioning including civil works for establishment of  3x167MVA, 400/220/33KV ICT at 400kV RS Babhaleshwar(dtd 09102015)
E-enquiry for hiring of diesel vehicle on per day basis for EHV Const. Subdivn.,Nashik(dtd 09102015)
Extension of sale period for e-Tender Notice No.T-04/2015-16 under 400 KV R.S. (O &M) Division, Khadka- Bhusawal(dtd 09102015)
E-tender Notice for Corrigendum for Extension of sale period for e-Tender No.T-27/2015-16 under EHV CC O&M Zone Nashik(dtd 09102015)
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