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The Largest Electric Power Transmission Utility in State Sector in India Indoor Testing Laboratory Scada/PLC Training Programmes Conducted Exclusively for Women Groups
Company Profile
Rajeev Kumar Mital, IAS,CMD more

Mission & Vision
To establish ourselves as a model STU and transmission licensee with respect to planning, project implementation, operational capabilities, performance with emphasis on cost and quality consciousness, human resources development and corporate social responsibility
Result of 102nd Marathi Language Examination held on 18th June 2016.(dated 01-09-2016)
Mahapareshan Samachar for the period June - July 2016 is uploaded in the menu e-magazine.(dated 01-09-2016)
Advt. No. 07/2016 for the post of Chief Engineer (Trans).(dated 31-08-2016)
Exemption from passing Paper III of L.A.Exam & Paper I,III of H.A.Exam.(dated 26-08-2016)
Result of 94th Higher Accounts Examination held on 28th May 2016 & 30th May 2016.(dated 26-08-2016)
102th Higher GAD Examination held on 23rd April 2016 & 24th April 2016.(dated 19.08.2016)
Extension of last date for submission of application for Posts Advertised vide Advt No.06/2016.(dated 16-08-2016)
Final Roll No. list of 122nd Lower GAD Exam to be held on 14th Aug 2016.(dated 02-08-2016)
Exemption from passing Paper III of L.A.Exam & Paper I,III of H.A.Exam.(dated 30-07-2016)
Result of 94th Lower Account Examination held on 19th Mar 2016 & 20th Mar 2016.(dated 30-07-2016)
Enquiry (RFX No.7000002734) for the work of providing & fixing of material for erection of 132/33KV, 25MVA T/F at 132 KV Dahiwadi Substation under EHV O&M Dn Karad.(dated 01-09-2016)
Re-Tender (Rfx No.7000002501) for work of power transformer dismantling, winching, erection & commissioning along with transformer oil filtration at various EHV S/Stn's under EHV O&M Circle,Karad.(dated 01-09-2016)
Extension of date to Tender notice for Annual contract for weed control treatment of 400/220/33 KV yard & Pot head s/sn under 400 KV R.S Dn New Koyna.(dated 01-09-2016)
E-Tender Extension RFx No.7000002419 Replacement of 2x25MVA,132/33kV T/F by 2x50MVA,132/33kV T/F including supply,erection,testing&commissioning 2x33kV feeder bay and conversion of 33kV bus from Single to Twin configration with 33kV bus extension at 220kV S/S Akola.(dated 01.09.2016)
eTender Notice No.CE/EHV CC O&M ZONE/KRD/Tech/ETENDER-8/2016-17 (RFx No.7000002597) for Overhauling & repairing of 400kV, 220kV & 145 kV CGL CB at various S/Stns.under EHV O&M Circle, Kolhapur.(dated 01-09-2016)
Enquiry (RFX No.7000002721) for the work of erection, commissioning, testing, laying & wiring of control and relay panel for 220/33 kV, 50 MVA T/F at 220 kV Vankusawade Substation under EHV O&M Dn Karad.(dated 01-09-2016)
E-Enquiry: Providing 1 No. of TATA Sumo diesel with driver on hire for Additional Executive Engineer, Carrier Sub-division, A'bad under MSETCL, Testing/Telecom Dn, Aurangabad.(dated 31-08-2016)
Notice of e-enquiry for work of Transportation of 50 MVA 132/33 kV T&R make Power Transformer available at 132 kV New MIDC S/Stn, Jalgaon to 132 kV Pahur S/Stn under EHV (O&M) Dn, Jalgaon. (Dtd 31.08.2016)
Corrigendum Notice for SRM E-tender no. CELDK/Maint/FM-37/2016-17/ (RFX No: 7000001908) for Comprehensive Annual
maintenance contract of Air conditioning system comprising of Blue star make Split units Air Conditioners at New SLDC building, Airoli.(Dated.31.08.2016)
Amendment No. 2 for tender no. T-1606 Package A (RFx. No. 6000000120) & Package B (RFx. No. 6000000130)turnkey construction of 220 kV LILO on one circuit of 220 kV Paras – Balapur M/C line to proposed 220 kV Malkapur s/s (D/C line on D/C tower), Route length –73.50 Kms and a) LILO on 132 kV Malkapur-Paras circuit & 132 kV Malkapur –Khamgaon circuit (M/C line on M/C tower), Route length – 4.04 Kms & b) LILO on one circuit of 132 kV Malkapur – Bhusawal (Khadaka) circuit to proposed Malkapur s/s (D/ C line on D/C tower), Route length -1.1Kms under Amravati Zone.(dated 31-08-2016)
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