To establish ourselves as model STU and transmission licensee with respect to planning, project implementation, operational capabilities, performance with emphasis on cost and quality consciousness, human resources development and corporate social responsibility.


  1. To make network development Intra-state transmission system develop best-in-class system capacities within the organization. and investment plans for an that is reliable, economical, study and system planning
  2. To ensure safety and stability of the grid.
  3. To develop a State-of-the-art SLDC with corresponding communication, RTU & SCADA systems, information and knowledge management systems as well as operational skills.
  4. To reduce energy losses.
  5. To fulfill all statutory and regulatory codes, standards, directives and targets in relation to planning, network development, operations and services.
  6. To ensure safety during operations, maintenance and construction activities.
  7. To achieve targets of transformation capacity.
  8. To achieve targets of transmission line commissioning.
  9. To keep track of state-of-the-art technology in the areas of sub-station design, construction, protection, communication, maintenance, information systems, diagnostics, repair, restoration and life extension.
  10. To develop a management culture of care, trust, transparency and open communication.
  11. To establish a strong ethos of work culture, quality consciousness and high performance across the organisation.
  12. To create a feeling of professional and organizational pride and strong bonding among different functional groups and cadres.
  13. To act with a sense of social responsibility towards consumers, project affected persons, less privileged sections of society and the environment.


  1. To ensure adequate funding and minimise cost of operations and implementation of projects under the Capex Programme of the company.
  2. To ensure compliance with statutory requirements along with norms and procedures laid down by the Board.
  3. To make MSETCL ready for IPO.


  1. To ensure adequate and timely Revenue & Capital Cash Flow in accordance with annual budgets.
  2. To ensure timely disbursal of loans from Financial Institutions for Capex Programme.
  3. Timely processing and settlement of suppliers/ contractors bills and employees claims in accordance with declared norms.
  4. Time-bound scrutiny of all proposals involving financial implications.
  5. Finalisation of accounts (including publication of quarterly results), completion of Statutory Audits, Cost Audits and filling Statutory Returns within time schedule
  6. To ensure timely compliance to Govt. Audit/P.U.C. paras.


  1. To strengthen Internal Audit and minimise cost of operations and management of assets.
  2. To prepare a fund raising plan and initiate processes for funding of five year Capex Plan at competitive rates, including plan for repayment of loans through revenues projected in the MYT and ARR petitions.
  3. To initiate Business Process Engineering for repayment of loans, monitoring of expenditure and preparation of accounts, financial statements and cost minimisation with corresponding implementation of ERP.
  4. To strengthen monitoring of capitalisation of assets and enable partial capitalisation of assets.
  5. To implement new accounting policies as per Company Law.
  6. Preparation of road map for IPO and Pre-IPO preparation.
  7. To get Credit Rating from Rating Agencies.


  1. 1. To develop a management culture of Caring, Trust and Transparency vis-a vis employees.
  2. 2. To emphasize and uphold values and work ethics.
  3. 3. To re-orient attitude of employees to cope with the changes required to establish an ethos of Quality and High Performance.
  4. 4. To increase productivity of human resources by developing efficient and effective systems of manpower planning, succession planning, selection, placement and training.
  5. 5. To facilitate establishment of an effective performance management system.


Objective I
  1. To establish rational and transparent processes of recruitment, promotions, transfers and postings through clearly stated policies, publication of data, communication of goals, targets and performance review parameters and to provide for counselling and coaching.
Objective II
  1. To communicate and re-iterate values and work-ethic principles.
  2. To appreciate employees who have displayed exemplary conduct.
  3. To take timely and decisive action against erring employees.
Objective III
  1. To help the employees change their attitude through a variety of communication tools and training programmes.
Objective IV
  1. To assess requirement of manpower taking into account man power norms, expansion of operations, growth in Capex, improvement in technology and changes in business process to ensure maximum productivity.
  2. To study salary structure of the Company by benchmarking with other comparators and introduce new salary structure and time-bound promotion norms.
  3. To re-engineer existing processes in HR to facilitate faster decision making.
  4. To ensure timely filling of vacancies through recruitment andpromotion.
Objective V
  1. To ensure effective implementation of Performance Management System and build a performance related reward system.
  2. To formulate and implement personal and professional development measures and motivational strategies for all employees to make them more committed and interested in work.
  3. To introduce measures and organize employee welfare and cultural activities to improve inter-personal relations and team spirit among employees.


To communicate the vision, mission, objectives and achievements of the company effectively to all stakeholders.


To develop and maintain cordial relations with the media so as to effectively deliver the Corporation's key messages through relevant media to target audiences. Take initiatives to ensure that the Corporation's perspective on any given issue is reflected in the media.


Internal communications efforts that include design and implementation of communication platform to enable employees across the corporation to understand and embrace the company's vision, goals and strategies.


Developing effective communication programmes to position the Company as a responsible Corporate Citizen. Develop and implement programmes which help in building confidence and creating goodwill in the community


During a crisis take prompt action to ensure that genuine information is published in media platforms. Act in co-ordination with senior management to maintain its credibility and sustain the goodwill of consumers, the morale of its employees and the commitment of its investors.


Develop various collaterals such as Annual Reports, Brochures, Corporate Films and presentations.


To meet Five year plan targets for expansion of transformation capacity and commissioning of transmission lines within specified time schedules and budgets:-

  1. To evacuate power from generation projects.
  2. To provide proper voltage to consumer.
  3. To meet load growth.
  4. To provide redundancy for reliable supply.


  1. Planning expansion of transmission network commensurate with growing load demand with emphasis on economy, latest technology, safety & quality control during erection and construction activities
  2. Development of competence in techno-managerial areas in all project related issues.
  3. Ensuring availability of all material and resources needed for achieving construction targets, including trained man-power and effective organizational set-up.
  4. Implementation of effective strategies and business processes for survey and preparation of DPRs, approvals,material and contract management
  5. Ensuring adherence to specified procedures in vendor registration, contract award, material procurement & storage, as well as implementation of safety and quality plans for construction activities.
  6. Primary liaison to effective communication and co-ordination with Government authorities, key contractors & vendors, customers for development of long term alliances.
  7. Implementing effective strategies for outsourcing work related to detailed survey, land acquisition, expert services for bid process management and obtaining Right of Way.


  1. Maintain transmission system availability above 99%.
  2. Maintain a reliable and stable Intra-state transmission system.
  3. To meet all regulatory norms and targets regarding reduction of energy losses to 4%.
  4. To be the best-in-class transmission licensee in the country in terms of all operating parameters, maintenance practices, protection systems, communication and information systems and use of technology for diagnostics, repairs and Life Extension.
  5. To ensure safety during operation & maintenance activities.
  6. To meet norms and targets of maintenance, repairs, restoration and Life Extension.


  1. To operate the transmission system within prescribed parameters.
  2. To carry out periodical maintenance strictly as per maintenance schedule.
  3. To reduce frequency & duration of interruptions.
  4. To reduce rate of failure of various types of equipment.
  5. To ensure adequate availability of spare equipment.
  6. To ensure timely completion of L. E. Schemes
  7. To reduce transmission losses through optimization and reactive power compensation.
  8. To adopt modern and reliable methods for operation, maintenance, protection and communication to make every sub-station a model.
  9. To ensure safety during operation and maintenance to prevent fire and accidents.
  10. To draw up and implement plans for development of skills and updation of knowledge of key employees.


  1. Implementation of ABT metering.
  2. Establishment of Balancing Settlement Mechanism (BSM).
  3. Establishment of ERP-MIS.
  4. Establishment of SCADA.
  5. Establishment of SMS at selected substations.
  6. Initializations of JBIC Projects.
  7. To set-up a cell for induction of new technologies and encouragement of innovation.
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