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7000026023 Vashi

E-tender supply of supply of oil paint color for various maintenance activities at 400kV and 220kV RS Kalwa under 400KV RS (O&M) Dn.Kalwa.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (159 KB)
7000026045 Vashi

Work of Supply Erection Testing and Commissioning of 1 No.of 22kV Feeder alongwith Civil works on turnkey basis at 100kV Jite S/stn.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (721 KB)
7000026000 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender Period Extension: Work of Repairs & Modification of CTR make NIFPS of ICT's, TF and Development & Provision of signal used for SCADA connectivity of CTR make NIFPES of ICT's & TF at 400kV R.S. Division,Waluj.

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (135 KB)
7000026066 SLDC Kalwa

(2nd Call) Annual Maintenance Contract of Hardware/ Software for Computers and Printers at ALDC, Ambazari, Nagpur.

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (317 KB)
7000025978 Karad

SRM E-Tender for Overhauling of 33 kV Megawin make VCB at various Substations, under EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (207 KB)
7000026054 Amravati

E-TENDER NOTICE Various civil maintenance works at 400 KV Staff Quarters under 400 KV RS Division at Gaurakshan Colony Akola

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (482 KB)
7000025959 Karad

SRM E-Tender for AMC work of Oil Filtration & top up of Oil in T/F at various EHV Substations, under EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (207 KB)
7000025949 Karad

SRM E-Tender for AMC of Transportation of various types of material from various Major stores under MSETCL to Various EHV Substations/ S/DN & vice versa and from One EHV S/s to other EHV S/s, under EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (209 KB)
7000026060 Karad

SRM RE-Enquiry for Purchase of 2 Nos. of new Computers and 2 Nos. of Laptops under buy-back option at EHV PC O & M Zone, Karad.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (258 KB)
7000026042 Karad

Work of Cold Line Chemical Washing of Alkud LILO of 220KV Vita- Alkud & 220KV Alkud-Mhaishal Line of LMSD Vishrambag & 220KV Insulator Strings at 220KV Miraj S/Stn under EHV O&M Division Sangli by using High Voltage Insulator Cleaner & Protector

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (19 KB)
Enquiry no. 154 Dtd. 31.01.2023 Pune

E-Enquiry for Hiring of vehicle for ACVO under EHV PC O&M Zone, Pune (dated 31-01-2023) 

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (307 KB)
7000025958 Aurangabad

SRM E-Corrigendum: Arrangement of Parking of Vehicles at Various S/Stn under Jalna SDn., under EHV CCCM Division Aurangabad.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (470 KB)
185 Karad

Enquiry for Repairing of Laptop for Hot Line Unit Mudshingi under EHV O&M Circle Kolhapur.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (227 KB)
EE/93 Dt: 31.01.2023 Pune

E-Enquiry for Hiring of LMV for Substation Maintenance Unit staff under EHV (O&M) Dn. II, Pune for the period of 11 months (dated 31-01-2023) 

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (273 KB)
EE/92 Dt: 31.01.2023 Pune

E-Enquiry for Hiring of LMV for movement of Line Maintenance Unit staff under EHV (O&M) Dn. II, Pune for the period of 11 months (dated 31-01-2023) 

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (277 KB)
7000026049 Karad

SRM tender notice for Work of Annual Insulator cleaning work of 220/132/110 kV EHV lines, under EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (599 KB)
7000026040 Karad


31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (447 KB)
7000026043 Karad

Dismantling of slabs over cable trench, providing RCC Culverts at 220/33KV yard & laying new covers various cable trenches at 400/220/33KV yard New Koyana, Tal-Chiplun, Dist-Ratnagiri

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (450 KB)
7000026044 Nagpur

Scheme of work of construction of 2x33kV bay for 33KV Jambhiyagatta & 33KV Kasansur S/stn of MSEDCL at 66kV Etapalli S/stn under EHV O&M Division Ballarshah, Under EHV O&M Circle, Chandrapur.

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (471 KB)
7000026046 Nagpur

Work of Point to Point Testing of Analog & Digital Measurement point in r/o M/s SIFANG Make SCADA at 400KV Khaperkheda & 400KV Warora S/s

31-01-2023 07-02-2023 (290 KB)
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