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7000025989 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Supply of Industrial Safety Shoes under EHV O&M Circle Parli.

31-01-2023 06-02-2023 (19 KB)
7000025966 Karad

Dismantling of old RCC structures of 33 KV and 132 KV equipments and CONSTRUCTION OF NEW PIPE/LATTICE TYPE equipment Foundations at 110 KV Kuwarbav  Sub Station,  Dist.-Ratnagiri( RFX No. 7000025966 ) 

30-01-2023 06-02-2023 (415 KB)
7000025961 Karad

Providing day to day wet sweeping maintenance of toilet blocks and cleaning work (house keeping) & daily dry sweeping of roads for MSETCL premises at Bapat Camp, Kolhapur.( RFX No. 7000025961 )

30-01-2023 06-02-2023 (416 KB)
7000026020 Karad

Providing and fixing of Breathers (Filled with Silica Gel) for ICT and Transformers at 400 KV R. S Dn, New Koyna.

30-01-2023 06-02-2023 (1 MB)
7000026039 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Work of Testing of EHV grade Transformer / ICT / Reactor oil samples at site by mobile testing lab at various EHV S/s under EHV O&M Circle Parli-V.

31-01-2023 06-02-2023 (19 KB)
MSETCL/CO/CE/(ACI&P)/MTAMC/ Corporate Office

E-Enquiry notice for 'Providing and Fixing of Portable 4KG Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher at MTAMC Control Center, Old SLDC Buliding, MSETCL, Airoli, Navi Mumbai'

27-01-2023 06-02-2023 (633 KB)
7000025934 Nashik

EHV Project Cum O&M Zone, Nashik :Notice for work to engage an agency for supply of manpower on outsourcing basis to carry out job work Back Office -I (Skilled) for clerical cum typing work, Back Office -II (Skilled) for staff driver and Back Office -III (unskilled) for office boy work

24-01-2023 06-02-2023 (200 KB)
7000026014 Vashi

SRM Tender for Colony, Security Cabin, Offices, Guest House, etc. Electrical maintenance work MSETCL, Padghe under 400kV RS(O&M)Dn, Padghe for F.Y. 2022-23

28-01-2023 05-02-2023 (370 KB)
7000026018 Karad

Fixing of earth wire alongwith P & F accessories against missing Earth wire of EHV lines under EHV O&M Dn., Ratnagiri.

28-01-2023 05-02-2023 (409 KB)
7000025945 Pune

Extension in due date for submission of bids for E-Tender for cleaning of 70KN/120KN disc insulators by using high voltage insulator cleaner, protector & testing laying in yard at various EHV Sub-Stations under EHV O&M Division Manchar. (dated 27-01-2023) 

27-01-2023 05-02-2023 (791 KB)
7000025990,7000026010 Amravati
SRM E-TENDER NOTICE 1) Work of Renovation of Approach road in the sub-station premises and allied civil works at 132 KV S/Stn. Mehkar, Dist-Buldhana 2) Work of construction of compound wall in between MSEDCL & MSETCL premises at 132 KV S/Stn. Buldhana
25-01-2023 04-02-2023 (1 MB)
RFx No.-7000026024 Pune

Retender Annual Rate Contract for Work of overhauling and servicing of 220 & 132 kV Circuit Breakers of Siemens make available at various substations under EHV O&M Circle, Solapur (dated 30-01-2023) 

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (226 KB)
7000025860 Nagpur

Supply & ETC of 33kV PTs, 54KV & 39KV Las, 33KV BPIs, etc and allied works required for commissioning of 02 Nos. of 3*167 MVA, 400/220/33kV ICT and 01 No. of 1*167 MVA 400/220/33kV spare ICT at 400/220kV S/S, Warora under EHV O&M CIRCLE, CHANDRAPUR.

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (480 KB)
7000025858 Nagpur

Scheme for Construction of 1x33kV bay for WCL Majari at 220kV S/stn Warora under EHV O&M Division Ballarshah under EHV O&M Circle Chandrapur.

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (471 KB)
7000026031 Nagpur

Supply & installation of Cassette type of inverter split room air conditioning unit 2 Ton Air Conditioners unit at 220KV Ambazari substations, under EHV (O&M) Dn., Nagpur.

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (148 KB)
7000026022 Nagpur

Annual contract for Transportation loading & unloading of various EHV materials from Stores under MSETCL to the Sub-Stations under EHV (O&M) Division, Nagpur or as per requirement.

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (13 KB)
7000025868 Vashi

SRM enquiry for Supply of 6 nos. of Annunciators, 30 window annunciator (2 No) and 18 Window Annunciator (4 Nos) required at 400kV RS kalwa under 400kV RS O&M Dn Kalwa.

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (162 KB)
7000025636 Vashi

3rd call E-tender Supply of LT outdoor feeder pillar box for ACDB in switchyard at 400 KV RS Kalwa under 400kV RS O&M Dn Kalwa.

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (161 KB)
7000026009 Karad

AMC for the work of maintenance, Servicing & repairing of 220/110/48 V battery Sets & Battery Charger at Various EHV Substations under EHV O&M Division Karad

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (16 KB)
7000026019 Karad

Annual contract for the work of loading, unloading & transportation of various Sub-station equipment’s / material under EHV (O&M) Dn. Karad

28-01-2023 04-02-2023 (103 KB)
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