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N.A. Pune

E- enquiry for the work of providing hired vehicle(TATA Sumo/ Bolero/Ertiga or equivalent) for EHV Line Maintenance S/Dn-1, Ganeshkhind, Pune under EHV O & M Division-I, Pune (dated 17-03-2023) 

17-03-2023 29-03-2023 (171 KB)
7000026671 Karad

Refilling & Hydro testing of fire cylinder at 400KV R.S.Division, New Koyna.

17-03-2023 24-03-2023 (1.1 MB)
Enq17032022 Vashi

Enquiry for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for work of pest & mosquito control & sterifumigation/microbial disinfection treatment for COVID-19 Virus outbreak   prevention at EHV Project Division Kalwa for the period of  2023-2024. 

17-03-2023 24-03-2023 (1.4 MB)
7000026690 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of providing and fixing of Weather Proof Fiber Insulator Circular Cap Type Bird Waste Deposition Guard for 220kV & 132 KV Lines on the top of suspension type insulation String only in cold Line Condition under various LMSD under EHV O&M Circle Parli.

17-03-2023 23-03-2023 (19 KB)
7000026697 Nagpur

Work of uprooting of grass, weeds, plants, trees & shrubs & its disposal from Non metal area other than switchyard area & near fencing area(upto 5 Mtr) at various 220KV & 132KV Sub-Station under EHV O&M Division, MSETCL, Nagpur for 2 years

17-03-2023 24-03-2023 (147 KB)
7000026624 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Work of providing and fixing of electrical insulation, acid and alkali proof syntheetic insulating mat in control room, BCR etc. at 400kV Thaptitanda S/s.

17-03-2023 23-03-2023 (412 KB)
Rfx No.7000026695 Pune

Construction of RCC Retaining wall at location of 220 kV Ranjangaon -Lonikand-I & 220 kV Ranjangaon- U sugar D/C line under EHV line maintenance S/Dn.Manchar, ( Tender No.18 / 2022-23) (dated 16-03-2023)

17-03-2023 24-03-2023 (112 KB)
7000026223 Nashik

EHV (O&M) Circle, Nashik: (2nd Call) Notice for Work of Providing Technical Skilled outsourced Manpower against sanctioned vacant staff as Senior Technician (T.S) /Technician I (T.S) / Technician II (T.S) / Assistant Technician (General) at various EHV Substations (132kV, 220kV & 400kV Substations) ), EHV Lines Subdivisions under EHV (O&M) Circle, Nashik and PAC Division A’nagar under PAC Circle Nashik

17-03-2023 24-03-2023 (212 KB)
7000026692 Vashi

E-Tender Notice for Providing services of 5 nos. of Skilled labour (Steno – Typist / Typist/UDC (HR)/LDC (F&A) and 4 nos. of Unskilled labour (Peon) for carrying out the office work at EHV (O&M) Circle, Kalwa for F.Y. 23-24

17-03-2023 24-03-2023 (127 KB)
7000026300 SLDC Kalwa

Extension (2nd Call) to E-enquiry for Oracle 12C DBA Support for FBSM databases (2 Nos.) hosted at SLDC Airoli for the period of One year.

17-03-2023 23-03-2023 (173 KB)
7000026670 Vashi

E-Tender Notice for Work of assigning outsourced agency to carryout emergency outage & breakdown work of 220kV Line S/DN. Kalwa under EHV (O&M) Division, Kalwa for the 2023-24

17-03-2023 24-03-2023 (618 KB)
EE/Trans/765kV S/S/Ektuni/Tech/No.- 137 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Printer cum scanner and Water Cooler at 765kV RS Division Ektuni.

16-03-2023 22-03-2023 (228 KB)
7000026683 Vashi

Work of hiring of LM vehicle for Executive Engineer, EHV Projects Division, kalyan, S&I S/Dn, Kalyan, 400KV Lines Projects S/Dn, Wada, 400KV Sub Station Projects Sub Division, Wada, Special Projects Team, Kalyan, EHV lines Projects, S/Dn, Kalyan under EHV Projects Dn, Kalyan 

16-03-2023 23-03-2023 (847 KB)
Eenq17032022 Vashi
cancellation of enquiry for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the work of repair / maintenance of Air Conditioner (A.C) at EHV Project Division, Kalwa for FY 2023-2024.
16-03-2023 23-03-2023 (275 KB)
7000026606 Vashi

Work for hiring of LMV i.e. TATA sumo / Innova / Bolero /Mahindra for 220KV Bapgaon substation under EHV O&M Division, Kalwa..

16-03-2023 23-03-2023 (215 KB)
7000026612 Vashi

 Work for hiring of LMV i.e. TATA sumo / Innova / Bolero /Mahindra for substation maintenance S/Dn., Kalwa under EHV O&M Division, Kalwa..  

16-03-2023 23-03-2023 (214 KB)
7000026614 Vashi

Annual contract for hiring of MMV i.e. Mahindra / Bolero Pickup or equivalent to attend the maintenance /breakdown work of the lines of 400KV Line S/Dn., Kalwa under
EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa.

16-03-2023 23-03-2023 (209 KB)
7000026613 Vashi
Annual contract for hiring of MMV i.e. private tempo to attend the maintenance / breakdown work of the lines of EHV Line Maintenance S/Dn., Kalwa under EHV
(O&M) Dn., Kalwa 
16-03-2023 23-03-2023 (209 KB)
7000026611 Vashi

Work for hiring of LMV i.e. TATA sumo / Innova / Bolero /Mahindra for 400KV lines S/Dn., Kalwa under EHV O&M Division, Kalwa.

16-03-2023 23-03-2023 (209 KB)
7000026610 Vashi

Work for hiring of LMV i.e. TATA sumo / Innova / Bolero /Mahindra for 400KV lines S/Dn., Kalwa under EHV O&M Division, Kalwa..  

16-03-2023 23-03-2023 (209 KB)
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