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7000013558 Vashi

E-Tender Extension for the work of re-arrangement of Transformer No. 2 LV for better   reliability of supply and  utilization of  available 22kV spare indoor GIS  bays at 220/22kV Kamba substation and work of laying and terminating additional 22kV cable interlinking outdoor and indoor 22kV Bus at 220kV Temghar substation.under EHV (O&M)  Dn. Kalwa.

13-09-2019 19-09-2019 (163 KB)
7000013392 Karad

Work of replacement of broken earth wire of EHV Lines under Line Maintenance Sub Division Lonand under EHV O&M Dn. Karad.

12-09-2019 19-09-2019 (15 KB)
7000012327 Karad

Overhauling of 400KV & 245KV BHEL Make SF-6 Circuit Breakers at 400KV R.S. S/Stns New Koyna under EHV O&M Circle, Karad

12-09-2019 19-09-2019 (449 KB)
7000013912 Karad

Running and maintenance of company’s Rest house at Kankavali,Dist-Sindhudurg. ( RFX No. 7000013912 )

12-09-2019 18-09-2019 (1.8 MB)
7000013927 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender: AMC of Providing services (skilled labour operator ) for operation, maintenance and monitoring of all firefighting equipment of pump house at HVDC Terminal station ,Chandrapur for the year 2019-20

12-09-2019 19-09-2019 (77 KB)
EE/400KV/RS/O&M/DN/DHL/391. Nashik

E-Enquiry: Inviting quotation for Providing diesel sumo/Diesel Volero car or Equivalent Jeep on as and when required hiring basis for the Line PID work at 400kV PID Unit, Dhule under EHV O&M Circle, Bhusawal.

12-09-2019 27-09-2019 (309 KB)
EE/400KV/RS/O&M/DN/DHL/390 Nashik

E-Enquiry: Providing of Air Conditioned Diesel Swift Desire/ Tata Indica/Indigo car or Equivalent car on hiring basis with driver at 400kV R.S.(O&M) Division, Dhule.

12-09-2019 27-09-2019 (312 KB)
7000013604 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Extension: Maintenance of Lawns, Plantation, Grass Cutting, Weeds removal, branch cutting of trees & drain cleaning in premises of HVDC Guest House & HVDC RTC under HVDC RS O&M Circle, Chandrapur.

12-09-2019 18-09-2019 (201 KB)
7000013922 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of counterpoise type earthing for various 220kV & 132kV Transmission lined under EHV Line Maintenance Sub-Division, Latur.

12-09-2019 19-09-2019 (267 KB)
7000013915 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) of Switchyard(Metal Spread & Non-Metal Spread area) by removing grass, by Chemical treatment for Arresting growth of grass, shrubs etc,. by Pest Control Method at 220kV & 132kV Substations, under EHV(O&M) Division, Parbhani for 2019-20.

12-09-2019 18-09-2019 (390 KB)
7000013852 Vashi

Work of Shifting / Rerouting / Diversion of various EHV Lines under ORC for DFCCIL and MMRDA.

12-09-2019 14-10-2019 (450 KB)
7000013896 Vashi

Establishment of 220 kV Panel TSS alongwith shifting of 220 kV D/C ONGC – Panvel TSS line from Loc. No. 2 to 8 for DFCCIL under ORC.

12-09-2019 14-10-2019 (450 KB)
7000013681 Vashi

Operating of water pump and distribution of water in the premises of 400kV R.S. Kharghar.

12-09-2019 19-09-2019 (329 KB)
CELDK/Maint/FM-14/2023 SLDC Kalwa

E-Enquiry for supply of computerized Aluminum panel/Vinyl cutting office boards & other office name plates at SLDC, Airoli.

11-09-2019 17-09-2019 (332 KB)
7000013891 Vashi

Providing  false ceiling along with Aluminum Doors to the control room building at 100KV Thal S/stn Dist. Raigad.

11-09-2019 17-09-2019 (260 KB)
7000013920 Vashi

  Providing weed control treatment to various colony under EHV CCCM Sub Dn Panvel, Kharghar & Kalyan for FY 2019-20.

11-09-2019 17-09-2019 (260 KB)
7000013920 Vashi

Annual civil maintenance works of Control room & switchyard at 220KV Vile bhagad Substation under Panvel S/Dn for the FY 2019-20.

11-09-2019 17-09-2019 (260 KB)
7000013892 Vashi

 Providing Pest control treatment to colony area at various substation under EHV CCCM Sub Dn Panvel/Kalyan/ Kharghar for the FY 2019-20.(IInd call).


11-09-2019 17-09-2019 (260 KB)
EE/EHV/Testing/Tech./319 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry Extension: Hiring of taxi permit Vehicle for Tata Sumo/Mahindra Bolero/Tavera or any equivalent LMV Vehicle with driver for Addl.EE, Project Testing Unit, Nanded under Testing Division Nanded.

11-09-2019 16-09-2019 (151 KB)
7000013626 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Extension: The Work of preparation of forest proposal and obtaining final approval from competent authority(C.A..) for preparation, submission, follow-up and obtaining forest approval in r/o 132kV SICOM, Chandrapur-Mul D/C on D/C Line under EHV Projects Division Chandrapur.

11-09-2019 18-09-2019 (77 KB)
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