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7000015632 Vashi

E-Enquiry for Supply of Polythene Papers at various substations & Lines subdivisions under EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa.

12-05-2020 19-05-2020 (664 KB)
7000015648 Vashi

E-Enquiry for Supply of Silica gel at various substations under EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa.

12-05-2020 19-05-2020 (509 KB)
EE/EHV/PD-III/Solapur/456 Date:-11/05/2020 Pune

E-enquiry for Providing of TATA INDICA or Equivalent on hired basis for The Addl. Ex. Engineer, EHV S/Stn Projects S/Dn Solapur. (date 11-05-2020)

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (44 KB)
7000015979 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender Extension: AMC for Overhauling & Servicing of various Make(Other than CGL) 33kV Circuit Breakers at various EHV S/s under EHV(O&M) Division, Parbhani.

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (265 KB)
7000015985 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender Extension: AMC of servicing/maintenance of battery sets and chargers, taking capacity tests of Battery sets and reconditioning of 200AH/ 300AH battery cells at various 132kV & 220kV EHV Substations under EHV(O&M) Division Parbhani.(FY 2020-21.).

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (268 KB)
7000015629 Vashi

E-tender Extension notice for Hiring of LMV for 400 kV Kudus Substation for the period of 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021 under EHV (O&M) Circle, Kalwa

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (292 KB)
7000015595 Vashi

E-Tender Extension Notice for Annual Contract for hiring of bus for transport of students/staff at MSETCo Ltd Airoli(Kalwa) Complex for the period 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (284 KB)
7000015802 Nashik

2nd Call Notice Annual Maintenance Contract for the work of Servicing, Repairing of various size & capacities battery sets & charges at various EHV Substation under EHV (O&M) Circle, Bhusawal.

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (251 KB)
7000016088 Nashik

Notice for Works to be carried out on the Newly commissioned 220 kV Deepnagar-Chalisgaon & 220 kV Khadka-Chalisgaon D/C-III line (From Loc 1
to 212 under LMSD Jalgaon and Loc 214 to Loc 411 under SD Chalisgaon) under EHV (O&M) Circle, Khadka-Bhusawal

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (252 KB)
7000016080 Vashi

Invitation of SRM  Re-Tender  for requirement of outsourced semi-skilled persons against vacancies at 220 kV Mahad SS ,220 kV K'gaon  SS , 220 kV Vilebhagad S/s , 100 kV Roha SS , 100 kV Mhasala SS under EHV (O & M ) Dn.Mahad for the year 2020-21

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (34 KB)
7000015036 Nashik

EHV O & M Circle,Khadka :2nd Call Notice for Work of providing and installation of EHCC (Extra High Current Capacity) certified grounding with DDCP (Deep Dug Conduction Pit) method dedicated earthing at various EHV Substations under EHV (O&M) Division, Dhule

12-05-2020 18-05-2020 (250 KB)
7000016089 Pune

Re-Tender Notice for providing Skilled Technical Operators, Skilled Technicians, Skilled LDC/Typist & Unskilled Peon at various EHV Sub-Stations, Line Maintenance S/Dn & EHV O&M Division Office under EHV O&M Division, Manchar. (dated 11-05-2020)

11-05-2020 17-05-2020 (635 KB)
EE/242 Dt: 11.05.2020 Pune

Publication of E-Enquiry for Hiring of LMV for movement of line maintenance unit staff under EHV (O&M) Dn. II, Pune (dated 11-05-2020)

11-05-2020 22-05-2020 (156 KB)
7000015993 Karad

Extension of 7 Days EEC/SGL/SRM/T-5/2019-20 Retender Repairs to existing boundary CLF compound wall by replacing with solid masonry wall at 220KV Ghatnandre substation, Dist. Sangli. (Rfx No.7000015993)

11-05-2020 19-05-2020 (21 KB)
7000015801 Amravati

SRM e-tender Extension  “Computer Annual Maintenance Contract of equipment (Desktop computer, UPS, Laptop, Printer, Photocopier, Ethernet switches, etc.) installed in LAN system for offices under new Admin building offices Amravati and Akola District for the year 2020-21”.

11-05-2020 17-05-2020 (74 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/Dn./JLG/TECH/511 Nashik

e-Enquiry for work of Supply & printing of various Stationary at various Substation and division offce under EHV O&M Division, Jalgaon.

11-05-2020 18-05-2020 (1 MB)
7000016078 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of Providing t​he Services of various Outsourcing persons [LDC, Peons & Computer Operator (Typist & Steno Typist)] at 400kV R S Division Kumbhargaon, Nanded.

11-05-2020 18-05-2020 (243 KB)
7000015820 Vashi

Extension for SRM E-Tender for providing NON AC , Jeep type hired light motor vehicleservices (Ex Mahindra Bolero , Tatsumo ,ECO) along with driver and fuel on rental basis at 220 kV Mahad S/s under EHV (O & M ) Dn. Mahad for the year 2020-21.

11-05-2020 17-05-2020 (296 KB)
7000015908 Vashi

Extension for SRM E-Tender for the work of “ providing NON AC , jeep type (Ex Mahindra Bolero/Tata sumo /Mahindra xylo) Hired light motor vehicle services along with Driver and fuel at Koyna Transmission line subdivision Mahad under EHV (O&M) Division Mahad, for the year 2020- 21.

11-05-2020 17-05-2020 (290 KB)
7000015759 Vashi

Extension for SRM  E-Tender for hiring of MMV (e.g. TATA 407, Mahindra pickup or Similar) for KTL Camp Mahad at KTL S/Dn.Mahad under EHV (O&M) Dn.Mahad for financial year 2020-21

11-05-2020 17-05-2020 (290 KB)
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