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SE/EHVO&M/C/KOP/T/LP/1014 Karad

Enquiry for Providing Local Annual Maintenance for computers for Office of the Superintending Engineer, EHV O&M Circle.

02-08-2019 13-08-2019 (149 KB)
7000013569 Karad

Construction of RCC gutter along road for disposal of drainage/effluent from“Sawant mala” area of Mundhe Village and 400KV Sub-Station colony Vijaynagar& Providing and laying of 150mm dia water supply pipe line below NH-4 by HDD method near Hotel Mahendra, Gote Village Tal- Karad, Dist- Satara.

02-08-2019 16-08-2019 (79 KB)
EE/EHV(O&M)/Beed/Tech/No.1058. Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Firm quotation for Hiring of LMV(Jeep)/Tata Sumo, Tata Sumo(Gold) Chevorlet Tavera or Equivalent Vehicle for Addl. Executive Engineer, Line Maint. Sub Division parli under EHV(O&M) Division Beed.

02-08-2019 09-08-2019 (2.8 MB)
CELDK/Maint/FM-46/1741 Date:02/08/2019 SLDC Kalwa

Invitation  of e-quotations for  reconditioning, minors repairs and   refilling etc. of fire extinguishers installed at SLDC,Airoli.

02-08-2019 16-08-2019 (151 KB)
RFX No.7000013561 Pune

SRM Re E-Tender for providing and fixing of split type Air Conditioner for control room and PLCC Room at 220KV Theur Substation under EHV (O&M) Division-I,Pune.(dated 02-08-2019)

02-08-2019 03-09-2019 (104 KB)
7000013591 Vashi

 E-enquiry for  Supply of square type aluminum Tiltable tower  Ladder  for maintenance work at various s/s  under 400kv RS O&M div Nagothane  under  EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel.

02-08-2019 09-08-2019 (13 KB)
1424 Pune

Enquiry for removal of grass and chemical treatment for arresting the Growth of Grass at Phursungi store under EHV Line projects sdn,Baramati.(dated 02-08-2019)

02-08-2019 08-08-2019 (332 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/DIV/YTL/TECH/1252. Amravati

E-Enquiry: Providing & Fixing of End Terminal Kit to 33 KV power cable at 132 KV Darwha S/stn under EHV O&M Division, Yavatmal.

02-08-2019 08-08-2019 (424 KB)
7000013577 Nagpur

SRM E-Enquiry: Procurement of 50 L/H RO+TDS Water Purifier, 80L Water Cooler and 1000L water storage rank for conference hall at Testing Division Nagpur.

02-08-2019 09-08-2019 (87 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/Dn./JLG/TECH/1051 Nashik

EHV O & M Division,Jalgaon:e-enquiry For Hiring Of Vehicle (Diesel) Preferably SUMO/BOLERO On Per Day Basis Along With Vehicle Driver On Per Day Basis For ADEE and other site workers at EHV O&M Sub division bhusawal.

02-08-2019 13-08-2019 (241 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/JLG/TECH/1050 Nashik

E-Enquiry for the work of providing daily housekeeping work at various 220 KV substations under EHV (O&M) Division, Jalgaon.

02-08-2019 13-08-2019 (1.1 MB)
Enquiry No. 1347 dt: 01.08.2019 Vashi

 E-Enquiry for Providing & Installation of Industrial water Filter Plant at 100kV Shahapur Substation EHV  substation under EHV (O&M) Dn. Dombivali .

02-08-2019 08-08-2019 (306 KB)
7000013428 Nagpur

Corrigendum to SRM E-Tender: Work of testing of transformer oil samples i.e DGA test of various equipment's i.e 33/0.4 KV transformer, ICT's & OLTC units and Furan Analysis of ICT's at 400/220kV Khaperkheda Substation under 400kV RS(O&M) Dn. Khaperkheda Division.

02-08-2019 05-08-2019 (44 KB)
7000013064 Nashik

EHV O & M Division, Jalgaon :2nd call for Notice work of AMC and attending,emergency/breakdown maintenance work of 132kV @ 220 kV EHV substation.

02-08-2019 16-08-2019 (113 KB)
7000013566 Nagpur

SRM Re-Tender: Supply of 3 Nos Portable AC to variable DC Supply converter for Bhandara, Wardha Testing Sub-division & Ballarshah Testing Division under Testing & Communication Circle Nagpur.

02-08-2019 01-09-2019 (261 KB)
Tender No. 07/2019-20 RFx No:7000013571 Pune

work of providing retaining walls for towers of various EVH lines under EHV O&M Division, Baramati.(dated 01-08-2019)

02-08-2019 31-08-2019 (9 KB)
- Pune

Lottary for allotment of work of unemployed Engineers( lottery No.06/2019-20).(dated 01-08-2019)

02-08-2019 02-08-2019 (842 KB)
7000013534 Vashi

E-Tender notice for Work of carrying  out Oil Characteristics  Test ( including  various tests as per prescribed  IS )  & oil samples  routine  testing of T/F, ICTs & OLTC at various S/s. under EHV O&M Circle, Kalwa for the year 2019-20.

02-08-2019 01-09-2019 (442 KB)
7000013565 Pune

ReTender for Annual Rate Contract for the work of OLTC Overhauling of ICT & Power T/F at various 400/220/132 kV EHV S/s at site under Pune Zone.(dated 29-11-2019)

01-08-2019 03-09-2019 (175 KB)
6000000747 Corporate Office

Tender No. T-1951/MSETCL/CO/C&M/Pre-T/SSPre-Tender (RFx No. 6000000747) - 4th call -- Construction of 2X132 kV line bays at each 220 kV Bhokardhan substation and 132 kV Dhad substation.

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