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7000027324 Karad

Annual civil maintenance works at 132KV Sub Station Kankavali, Talebazar and 220KV Sub Station Kharepatan and Yearly garden maintenance at Kankavali rest house, Dist.-Sindhudurg. ( RFX No. 7000027324 ) 2nd call

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (410 KB)
235 Karad

Supply of Laser Rangefinder for measurement of conductor clearances, vegetation management in 400KV Transmission lines under 400KV RS Karad

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (1.2 MB)
7000027238 Karad

Refilling & Hydro testing of fire cylinder at 400KV R.S.Division, New Koyna.

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (827 KB)
7000027323 Nashik

Notice for work of Non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for PC’s, Laptops, Printers & associated equipment & LAN & associated equipment and rate list of related spares of various offices under EHV PC O&M Zone Nashik (Administrative Building)

10-05-2023 16-05-2023 (115 KB)
7000027325 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Providing services of ITI Certified person in Electrical Trade as Assist. Technicians & Technicians-II on outsource basis at various EHV sub-stations & sub-division under EHV O&M Division Beed.

10-05-2023 16-05-2023 (20 KB)
7000027282 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: The work of providing and fixing of electrical insulation, acid and alkali proof synthetic insulating mat in control room at various Substation under EHV (O&M) Division Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar.

10-05-2023 16-05-2023 (316 KB)
7000027229 Pune

1st Extension to E-Tender for work of Servicing & Overhauling of CGL Make 145 kV CB at various substation under EHV O&M Circle, Pune (dated 09-05-2023) 

28-04-2023 16-05-2023 (550 KB)
7000026994 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Annual Maintenance Contract for Servicing / Maintenance of Battery Sets & Battery Chargers at 400 kV Receiving Substation Kumbhargaon, Nanded.

10-05-2023 16-05-2023 (214 KB)
7000027313 Nagpur

2nd call E-tender for work of supply & Installation of New Water Pipe line at HVDC Terminal Station, Chandrapur under HVDC Indoor Division, Chandrapur.
Estimated cost:- Rs. 22,33,071/- (Including taxes)

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (16 KB)
7000027311 Nagpur

SRM E- Enquiry for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of servicing & maintenance of fire alarm and smoke detectors at 400/220 KV Khaperkheda Substation under 400 kV RS (O&M) Division Khaperkheda (II Call).

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (26 KB)
7000027219 Vashi

Re-tender various maintenance activities to be carried out under planned and emergency outage through outsourced agency at 220KV Kalwa & 400KV Kalwa under 400KV R S O&M DN Kalwa for the F.Y.2023-24.

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (173 KB)
7000027040 Vashi

 2nd call to RFx for Hiring of Tata Sumo/ Mahindra Bolero/ Equivalent vehicle along with vehicle driver for 500 kV HVDC TL O&M Sub Division, Padghe for the FY 2023-24.

10-05-2023 16-05-2023 (288 KB)
7000027063 Vashi

E-Tender 2nd call Notice  for Work of arresting oil leakages from various joints of ICTs & Transformers by using the latest, technology of on line gasketing at various substations under EHV O&M Circle Kalwa for F.Y. 2023-24

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (571 KB)
EE/EHV O&M DN/RTN/T/ No.00677 Karad

Re-Enquiry for Providing Utility vehicle Tata xenon camper/Bolero camper or equivalent on hire basis along with Driver for Rolling Gang, under EHV O&M Division, Ratnagiri.

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (485 KB)
7000027303 Karad

Providing & Fixing of MFM meters at various EHV substations under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur

08-05-2023 16-05-2023 (440 KB)
EE/400kV/ RS/ Dn/Deepnagar/BSL-II/Tech/No.141 Nashik

E-Enquiry for the work of Repairing, Painting & Re-naming of Various Marshalling Box (MB) at 400 kV RS Dn, Deepnagar BSL-II.

08-05-2023 16-05-2023 (51 KB)
7000027104 Nashik

2nd Call Notice for work of pole overhauling of 145kV ABB make Circuit Breaker (Sr. No. 17001481) of 132kV BabhaleshwarPadegaon line at 220kV Babhaleshwar S/Stn under EHV (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar.

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (68 KB)
7000027086 Nashik

2nd Call Notice for work of pole overhauling of 145kV SIEMENS make Circuit Breaker (S.N. 2005/IND/ 08/2062) at 132kV Newasa S/Stn under EHV (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar.

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (68 KB)
7000026951 Nashik

2nd Call Notice for work of mechanism overhauling & pole overhauling due to high CRM value of 145kV CGL make Circuit Breakers at 220kV Babhaleshwar & 132kV Kedgaon
S/Stn under EHV (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar.

09-05-2023 16-05-2023 (69 KB)
RFx No.-7000027300 Pune

Annual Rate Contract for work of attending emergency breakdown & maintenance work on various 400kV Lines Under jurisdiction of 400kV R.S Division Lamboti. (dated 07-05-2023) 

08-05-2023 16-05-2023 (109 KB)
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