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7000027381 Vashi

AMC for regular maintenance work,  Outage work and attending emergency breakdown work of 220 kV & 400 kV Transmission Lines under jurisdiction of 400 kV Line Maintenance S/dn, Nagothane under EHV O&M Circle, Panvel

13-05-2023 20-05-2023 (13 KB)
7000027338 Vashi

Tender procurement of various types of clamps and connectors for bay equipments due to HTLS scheme higher current rating work at 400kV RS Kalwa under 400kV RS O&M Dn Kalwa.

13-05-2023 20-05-2023 (325 KB)
7000027124 Karad

Work of tower stub strengthening of various EHV Lines at EHV O&M DN., Karad under EHV O&M Circle, Karad

13-05-2023 20-05-2023 (282 KB)
7000027089 Nagpur

Engaging Semi Skilled / Unskilled Manpower on outsource basis i.e. OA / Typist / Steno-Typist /Peon for office work at various Division offices under the jurisdiction of EHV O&M Circle, Nagpur, including EHV PC (O&M) Zone office Nagpur

13-05-2023 20-05-2023 (87 KB)
7000027200 Karad

SRM E-Tender Extension Notice for Procurement of 05 Nos. of 36 kV Circuit Breaker along with support structure, 36 kV, 1600A, 25kA VCB’s, 220V/110V DC as per MSETCL’s specification for various S/Sts under EHV PC O&M Zone,Karad.(08.05.2023)

08-05-2023 20-05-2023 (16 KB)
7000027375 Nashik

Notice for Work of providing various services (like  Housekeeping, cleaning, water supply to staff quarters & offices, gardening, etc.) for day to day maintenance of 400KV R.S. employee colony, 400KV R.S. Control Room Building, 400KV R.S. Division office and All Sub-Division offices with surrounding premises on contract basis under 400KV R.S. (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar.

15-05-2023 21-05-2023 (366 KB)
RFx:-7000027378 Pune

E-Tender for Work of Rate Contract for maintenance, servicing & repairing of 220/110/48V Battery Sets & battery charger available at various 220/132/110kV S/stn & EHV Cogen, Consumers under jurisdiction of EHV (O&M) Division, Solapur. (dated 12-05-2023) 

12-05-2023 21-05-2023 (133 KB)
7000027366 Nashik

Notice for Work of renovation of electrical wiring with dismantling of old electrical wiring and accessories at control room building of 400KV R. S. Babhaleshwar under 400KV R.S. (O&M) Division Babhaleshwar

12-05-2023 21-05-2023 (316 KB)
7000026971 Nagpur

E-tender for BMC of Cleaning of the Premises of Service Building, Office Building, Pump house & Outdoor store at HVDC Terminal Station Chandrapur for the year 2023-24 & 2024-25.

14-05-2023 21-05-2023 (15 KB)
EE/394 DT: 18.05.2023 (RFX No. 7000027253) Pune

Publication of Re-E-Tender extension notice for work for Servicing, Repairing & Maintenance of battery sets & battery chargers at various substations under EHV O&M Dn-II, Pune for the period of 2 years. (dated 18-05-2023) 

18-05-2023 22-05-2023 (179 KB)
7000027383 Nagpur

Work of providing of chilled water (drinking purified water) cans at various Substations, Subdivisions and offices under EHV O&M Division, Wardha.

16-05-2023 22-05-2023 (362 KB)
7000027384 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Work of providing and fixing of Weather Proof Fiber Insulator Circular Cap Type Bird Waste Deposition Guard for 220kV & 132 KV Lines on the top of suspension type insulation String only in cold Line Condition under various LMSD under EHV O&M Circle Parli.

16-05-2023 22-05-2023 (19 KB)
7000027386 Nagpur

2nd CALL:- Tender for the Work of Annual Maintenance contract for Keeping 400KV Chandrapur-II Substation & 400KV Switching Substation free from growth of grass & weed under 400KV RS (O&M) Dn.-II Chandrapur for 2 years 2023-24,2024-25

15-05-2023 22-05-2023 (151 KB)
EE/EHV/Project/DN-II/PN/ 594 dt. 15.05.2023 Pune

E-Enquiry for Work of monkey patrolling on 220kV Urse-Chinchwad & 220kV Chinchwad-Hinjewadi-I line by using Drone and video recording and capturing photos of the same under EHV Project Division-II,Pune (dated 15-05-2023) 

15-05-2023 22-05-2023 (190 KB)
7000027374 Karad

Annual Maintenance Contract for Computer & LAN at various EHV S/Stns under EHV O&M Division, Sangli.

16-05-2023 22-05-2023 (19 KB)
EE/382 Dt: 15.05.2023 Pune

Publication of budgetary offer for Providing & fixing of Electrical Insulation, acid & alkali proof Synthetic Insulating Mat (3.00mm thickness) confirming IS: 15652:2006 & having in-built Auto glow bands on the border of mats at various S/stn under EHV O&M Dn. II, Pune. (dated 15-05-2023)

15-05-2023 22-05-2023 (416 KB)
Enquiry L.No.165 dtd 12.05.23 Pune

e-Enquiry for providing services for housekeeping work at 400 KV Chakan Division. (dated 12-05-2023) 

12-05-2023 22-05-2023 (314 KB)

e-enquiry for hiring of Vehicle (Diesel) on per day basis for EHV Substation Project Sub Division,Nashik

12-05-2023 22-05-2023 (1 MB)
MSETCL/CO/CE/CivilFL/3149 Corporate Office

Providing, supplying and fixing of Vertical Deep Freezer in Prakashganga Corporate office Canteen, MSETCL

10-05-2023 22-05-2023 (954 KB)
6000001090 Corporate Office

T-2303 MSETCL/CO/Projects/ Pre-Tender -- Installation of 2nd(second) 3x167 MVA, 400/220/33kV ICT along with HV & LV Bays 220 kV at 400 kV Alkud Substation.

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