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7000024101 Pune

Re-Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for one year for Computers (Desktops, Laptops and such a devices), Local area network (LAN) And allied devices of LAN, Printers, general purpose and system software including installation & Maintenance at MSETCL Offices in Administrative Building, Rasta Peth, Pune (dated 22.07.2022)

25-07-2022 01-08-2022 (64 KB)
7000023891 Karad

SRM-RE-Tender Notice i.r.o.Supply of LED type Semaphore Indicator for Control Panels SLD under 400 KV R.S.Karad.

23-07-2022 01-08-2022 (1.2 MB)
7000024062 Nashik

EHV (O&M) Circle, Nashik:Notice for work of replacement of old & problamatic circuit breakers(CBs)at various EHV Substations under EHV O&M Division Babhaleshwar

25-07-2022 01-08-2022 (328 KB)
7000024089 Nashik

Notice for Work of annual maintenance contract for periodic maintenance Work of Repairing, Painting & Renaming (vermin Proofing) of Various Marshalling Box (MB) at various 220KV and 132KV substations under EHV O&M Div, Dhule.

25-07-2022 01-08-2022 (260 KB)
7000023967 Nashik

Extension of Notice for AMC for work of repairing/ servicing of station transformer at various EHV Sub-station under EHV (O&M) Dn, Babhaleshwar as & when required.

23-07-2022 01-08-2022 (68 KB)
EE/EHV/(O&M)/DN/BBLR/E-Enq-08/ 1361 Nashik

Extension notice for Work of providing of school bus services for 400kV R.S and 220kV S/Stn Colony premises at Babhaleshwar.

23-07-2022 01-08-2022 (83 KB)
7000024092 Pune

E-Tender for Annual maintenance contract for the work of repair of ABT PC monitor, installation of ABT meter, DCU installation & upgradation of ABT PC CPU along with due wiring & supply of necessary part at various EHV Sub-Stations under EHV O&M Division Manchar. (dated 22-07-2022) 

22-07-2022 01-08-2022 (595 KB)
7000023823 Karad

Replacement of existing 0.4 ACSR conductor by suitable HTLS conductor (High Ampacity Conductor) along with necessary Hardwares of 220kV Talandage-Tilwani Ckt-I and Ckt-II under EHV O&M Circle, Kolhapur when other circuit is live.

01-07-2022 01-08-2022 (71 KB)
EE/EHV/ O& M/Dn/SUR/T/No.1073 Dtd.22.07.2022 Pune

Enquiry for Hiring of LMV Vehicle (Tata Sumo/ Bolero/Utility Vehicle/ Bolero Camper, Etc) along with driver for a period of one year for Line Maintenance Subdivision, Degaon under jurisdiction of EHV O& M Division, Solapur. (dated 28-07-2022) 

23-07-2022 31-07-2022 (349 KB)
EE/EHV/ O& M/Dn/SUR/T/No.1074 Dtd.22.07.2022 Pune

Enquiry for providing 1 No. of Diesel TATA –INDICA/INDIGO/MARUTI SWIFT DEZIRE/ Equivalent along with driver on hired basis for the office use of the Executive Engineer, Trans O & M Division, Solapur (dated 28-07-2022) 

23-07-2022 31-07-2022 (447 KB)
7000024107 Nagpur

Re-tender for upgradation of 3Nos Laptop Under PAC circle Nagpur

25-07-2022 31-07-2022 (527 KB)
7000024068 Nagpur

Work of Dismantling of old equipments & Erection of new equipments supplied under LE scheme for replacement of various old equipment with support structures at 400KV GCR Chandrapur Substation under HVDC RS O&M Circle, Chandrapur

25-07-2022 31-07-2022 (240 KB)
7000024072 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Providing the services of outsourcing LDC, typist, steno typist and peon under EHV O&M Division Latur.

22-07-2022 31-07-2022 (25 KB)
7000024099 Nagpur

E-enquiry for work of Testing, vacuum & refilling of 50 kg SF-6 gas cylinder at HVDC Terminal Station Chandrapur under HVDC Indoor Dn, Chandrapur.
Estimated cost:- Rs. 74,399/- (Including Taxes)

23-07-2022 30-07-2022 (31 KB)
7000024103 Nagpur

2nd call E-tender for Annual Maintenance contract for Electrical Maintenance of Service Building, Pump house, office building, PCRs, Valve cooling Rooms, various Contactors & MCB's for Outdoor & Indoor Switch Yard Lighting Panels, Street Light & Tower Yard lighting work at HVDC Terminal Station, Chandrapur under HVDC Indoor Dn, Chandrapur for 02 years.
Estimated Cost:- Limited to Rs. 15 Lakh/- (Inclusive of all Taxes).

23-07-2022 30-07-2022 (30 KB)
7000024102 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Repair and Maintenance activities at RTC Waluj, MSETCL, Aurangabad., under EHV CCCM Division Aurangabad.

23-07-2022 30-07-2022 (103 KB)
Tender No. EE/EHVPD-II/PN/T/T-02/2022-23 (RFX No.- 7000023989 ) Pune

Extension of bid submission date of SRM Re-E-Tender for Work of Erection Testing & Commissioning of 400/220kV 3*167 MVA BHEL make ICT at 400/220kV GIS Hinjewadi III ss Pune alongwith civil works. (dated 22.07.2022)

14-07-2022 29-07-2022 (98 KB)
7000024094 Nashik

Notice for Work of confriguration of new 220/33kV, 50 MVA PTR in tranformer monitoring system at 220kV Malegaon SS under EHV (O&M) Division Nasik

23-07-2022 29-07-2022 (110 KB)
7000023994 Nagpur

3rd call to the AMC for Restoration of Collapsed of Tower of 500KV HVDC, 400 KV and 33KV lines under HVDC TL O&M Division, Chandrapur for Year 2022-23, 2023-24.(as and when required basis for 2 years) Extension

23-07-2022 29-07-2022 (672 KB)
EE/EHV/Project/JLG/Tech/ No. 523 Nashik

e-ENQUIRY FOR Hiring of Diesel Vehicle / EV Car (Preferably EV) on per day basis along with driver for EHV lines Projects Sub-division, MSETCL, Dhule.

23-07-2022 29-07-2022 (460 KB)
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