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Enquiry L.No.384 Pune

E-Enquiry for Replacement Faulty Battery Cells (21 Nos) Of 220V DC 500AH Battery Source-I at 400kV Chakan S/s. (dated 27.12.2021)

27-12-2021 04-01-2022 (323 KB)
7000021791 Nagpur

Work of repairing of raised foundation of Loc no 28 to 33 & 112 to 118 of HVDC line under HVDC TL O&M Dn Chandrapur

28-12-2021 04-01-2022 (23 KB)
6000000990 Corporate Office

T-2114/MSETCL/CO/C&M/Pre-tender/TKC-Lines - Establishment of 132/22 kV Bibwewadi s/s along with associated line under Pune Zone -1st call on turnkey basis

Document Title End Date File
Amendment No. 1 11-01-2022 (616 KB)
Amendment No. 2 18-01-2022 (384 KB)
Amendment No. 3 21-01-2022 (383 KB)
03-12-2021 04-01-2022 (116 KB)
7000021757 Nagpur

Enquiry for the work of servicing and overhauling of 01 no. OLTC of 50MVA, 220/33KV, 3Phase, CGL make Power Transformer along with supply of required spares/materials at 220/400KV S/S GCR-1 under 400KV RS O&M Division, Chandrapur, MSETCL Chandrapur.

30-12-2021 03-01-2022 (82 KB)
EE/400kV/RS(O&M)/Dn/GRL/Tech/727 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Firm quotation for work of emergency replacement of failed 400kV TELK make circuit breaker of 400kV Solapur line at 400kV Substation Girwali under 400kV RS O&M Div., Girwali.

30-12-2021 03-01-2022 (184 KB)
7000021701 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER NOTICE Providing, Installation And Commissioning On Grid Solar Roof Top Power Pack System For MSETCL's Administrative building situated at 220 kV S/Stn premises, Amravati.

16-12-2021 03-01-2022 (104 KB)
1488 Karad

E - Enquiry for work of transportation of S/Stn material, Oil drums, tank, cable drum, equipment structure, MS flat etc. from 400 KV Talandge S/Stn to New Koyna S/Stn. etc.  

27-12-2021 03-01-2022 (2.2 MB)
7000021559 Amravati

SRM e-tender towards “Work of Vermin proofing & Anti corrosive treatment to the various Panels & Marshaling boxes, CT, PT, Isolator boxes at 220 kV & 132 kV Sub Stations under EHV (O&M) Division, Akola”

28-12-2021 03-01-2022 (14 KB)
RFX No -7000021717 Pune

E-Tender for 2 year rate contract for the work of preliminary, detail & check survey as & when required for various projects under jurisdiction of EHV Project Division-III, Solapur. (dated 28.12.2021)

28-12-2021 03-01-2022 (13 KB)
7000021782 Pune

SRM e-enquiry for updation of SLD and Substations layout at various substations under EHV O&M Pimpri Chinchwad Division, Pune (dated 28.12.2021)

27-12-2021 03-01-2022 (853 KB)
7000021792 Karad

Day to Day Civil maintenance Work at 220KV S/Stn. Sadawaghapur, Tal-Patan, Dist-Satara.

28-12-2021 03-01-2022 (79 KB)
7000021800 Karad

Supply of 16sq. mm single core copper cable at 400kV R.S.Division Talandge. 

27-12-2021 03-01-2022 (61 KB)
7000021795 Vashi

2nd Call of RFx for Annual Maintenance Contract for Breakdown, Emergency and Planned outage on 400kV Babhaleshwar-Padghe Ckt-I & Ckt-II lines under the jurisdiction of Rajgurunagar Division for the F.Y. 2021-22

28-12-2021 03-01-2022 (287 KB)
7000021529 Vashi

Notice for 2nd call for SRM Tender for AMC of centralized air conditioners installed at 220 kV Anandnagar, 220 kV Jambhul ss & 220 kV Pal Dombivali, and Split AC at 220 kv Washala, 220kV Palava SS, 100 KV Mohone, Murbad, Shahapur, Dombivali, Ambernath and 110 kv Neral sub-stations under EHV (O&M) Dn Dombivali for FY 21-22.

28-12-2021 03-01-2022 (35 KB)
7000021560 Vashi

Notice for 2nd call for SRM Tender for Installation of Z Isolators between Two 22kv Bays at 100 kV Dombivali S/Stn under EHV O&M Division Dombivali for FY 2021-22. 

28-12-2021 03-01-2022 (34 KB)
7000021794 Nagpur

Supply of Various Consumables materials at 400/220KV S/S, Warora under 400KV S/S O&M Division, Warora. (2ND CALL)

27-12-2021 03-01-2022 (149 KB)
7000021689 Nagpur

Supply of AERO SHELL FLUID-41 for 400KV BHEL make CB type 3AT3 at 1200/765/400KV PGCIL (Deoli) S/S under 400KV S/S O&M Division, Warora.(3rd Call)

27-12-2021 03-01-2022 (49 KB)
7000021749 Nagpur

Work of Monkey patrolling of various 400KV Line Towers under 400KV Line Maintenance S/dn Warora under the jurisdiction of 400KV S/S (O&M) Division Warora.

27-12-2021 03-01-2022 (61 KB)
SE/EHV/O&M/Circle NSK/TECH/1781 Nashik

 e- enquiry for Providing printed register and stationary for day to day work, to the EHV Testing & Telecommunication circle Nashik, Telecommunication Division Nashik, Testing Division Nashik and EHV O&M Circle Nashik

27-12-2021 03-01-2022 (1.5 MB)
7000021787 Nagpur

2nd Call Tender for Supply/Procurement of Earthing poles (FRP TELESCOPIC HOOK TYPE EARTHING/DISCHARGE ROD) suitable for 400KV and 220KV level & 4" IPS tube and 0.5 ACSR moose conductor as per technical specification and conforming to IEC-1230 or IEC1235 at 400KV Substation, GCR MSETCL, Chandrapur.

27-12-2021 03-01-2022 (24 KB)
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