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7000015987 Nashik

Notice fo wrok of Chemical cleaning of dust ,bird shit contaminated insulator strings by using high voltage insulator cleaner & Protector and
testing at 400kV RS (O&M) Division Babhaleshwar.

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (695 KB)
7000015821 Amravati

SRM Etender Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 2x5 MVAr, 1x10MVAr & 2x15MVAr, 33 kV Shunt capacitor banks with allied equipments along with Civil works, at 11 nos. of EHV Sub-Stations under EHV PC O&M Zone, Amravati.

04-05-2020 17-05-2020 (76 KB)
7000015470 Nashik

3rd call Enquiry for work of replacement of missing members of 220KV Gangapur Satana DC lines under Line Maintenance Sub-Division Manmad under EHV (O&M) Division Nasik.

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (423 KB)
EE/400kV/RS/O&M/DN/DHL/166 Nashik

E-Enquiry for Work of carrying out work of cleaning, sweeping and cleaning of toilet, WC pan, Urinal pan at 400 kV & 220KV S/S Control Room & offices under 400 kV R.S. (O&M) Dn. Kundane, Dhule

04-05-2020 13-05-2020 (2.8 MB)
EE/400kV/RS/O&M/DN/DHL/166 Nashik

400 KV R.S. (O&M) Division,DHULE:E-enquiry for work of water supply arrangement & RO plant operation at 400 KV RS Premises such as staff colony, 400KV control room, rest house, Maintenance work water supply arrangement and Operation & Supply of Filtered  drinking water from water filtration plant at 400KV &220KV S/S under 400KV RS, Dn, Dhule.

04-05-2020 13-05-2020 (2.7 MB)
7000015512 Nashik

EHV CCCM Divison, Nashik :Notice for work of construction of RCC retaining wall and UCR wall for tower No.1 & No.6 Igatpuri Bhandardara Stage-line and tower No. 13 of GCR Eklahare- Jindal line

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (174 KB)
EE/EHV(O&M)/Dn./DHL/Tech/No.- 0480 Nashik

E- Enquiry for “Hiring of the LMV Tata Sumo/Mahindra Max/Bolero or any equivalent vehicle along with driver for 220KV S/S Chalisgaon for Line maintenance & ss work under Sub.Division,Chalisgaon under EHV O&M Div.Dhule.

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (183 KB)
77 Karad

Enquiry for Hiring of TATA SUMO / BOLERO /Utility vehicle equivalent along with driver for Mobile Testing Unit, Testing & Communication Circle, Karad.

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (23 KB)
525 Karad

e-Enquiry no.01 for hiring of Indigo/Tata Indica equivalent or above vehicle for EHV S/s. Projects S/Dn., Sangli under EHV Projects Division, Sangli

04-05-2020 12-05-2020 (601 KB)
402 Karad

Meeting of Unemployed Engineers for allottment of works.

04-05-2020 08-05-2020 (1 MB)
7000015503 Karad

Providing Outsourcing Staff Technician IV, V & VI for various substations under EHV O&M Division, Kolhapur.

04-05-2020 13-05-2020 (42 KB)
86 Karad

E-Enquiry for providing of 02 Nos. of Outsource Jr. Tech at T.U. Satara under Testing Division Karad

04-05-2020 12-05-2020 (276 KB)
7000015952 Pune

Extension-I in due date to SRM Enquiry for offline filtration oil by complete drying out process by applying vacuum & refilling of oil with desired results under vacuum to main tank of TF to achieve desired results as per IS 1866-2000 with topping of filtered oil of 132/22KV, 25MVA, BBL make TF-I at 132KV Shirur Sub-Station under EHV O&M Division Manchar. (Dated 04.05.2020)

04-05-2020 10-05-2020 (640 KB)
7000015624 Vashi
Work of tree cutting of various trees under 100KV, 220KV and 400KV transmission lines by outsourced agency under EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa.
04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (555 KB)

EHV CCCM Divison, Nashik :Equotation for work of Balance electrification work for Rest House (Phase-II) at Racca Plot, MSETCL premises, Jail Road, Nashik Road, Nashik.

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (1 MB)
7000015960 Vashi

SRM-Extension to Enquiry for supply of Grey Cloth, Polythene Paper & Silica Gel at various  Substation under EHV O&M Division Bhandup .for FY 2020-2021

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (38 KB)
7000016011 Karad

Providing painting to equipment foundations in 220/33 KV switch yard, construction of WBM road from main gate to 33 KV switch yard & other allied civil work at 220/33 KV Sub Station Halkarni, Dist-Kolhapur. ( RFX No. 7000016011 )

04-05-2020 10-05-2020 (430 KB)
7000016017 Vashi

Invitation SRM E-tender for work of attending emergency breakdown and planned maintenance activities of various 220 KV /100 KV EHV line under KTL S/Dn., Mahad under EHV (O&M) Dn., Mahad for FY 2020-21

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (34 KB)
7000016031 Vashi

Invitation of E-tender  for the work of  cutting & chopping of trees in hilly and dense forest area at various 220KV / 100 KV D/C on D/C, S/C on D/C  & S/C on S/C EHV Lines under EHV (O&M) Dn., Mahad for FY 2020-21

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (34 KB)
7000016016 Vashi

Invitation of SRM  E-tender  for providing  02 No. of  outsourced Computer Operator, 1 No. of outsourced LDC & 04 No.of  outsourced Office Attendant cum Peon Services at EHV Division Office, Mahad & 1 No. of outsourced LDC at KTL S/Dn., Mahad under EHV (O&M) Division, Mahad for the year 2020-21.

04-05-2020 11-05-2020 (34 KB)
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