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5000001097 Corporate Office


27-03-2023 27-04-2023 (418 KB)
5000001095 Corporate Office

SP/T-0602/0323 -- Procurement of 420kV, 245kV & 145kV Class CBs (Circuit Breakers) under LE schemes for replacement of existing old 420kV, 245kV & 145kV Class Circuit Breakers of Nashik, Vashi & Amravati Zones of MSETCL.

15-03-2023 14-04-2023 (228 KB)
NA Pune

E-enquiry for the work of Supply of TB 60 (Lithium-Ion)-5935mAh-46.2V Batteries required for Remote Airborne Inspection & Scanning System (RAISS) of make DJI, Type (M300 RTK) available at Line Maintenance Sub-Division-I, Pune under EHV O&M Division –I, Pune (dated 27-03-2023)

27-03-2023 10-04-2023 (179 KB)
7000026585 Vashi

E-Tender for Work of Shifting / Height Raising of 220 kV D/C Tarapur-Borivali & Tarapur-Boisar Tr. Line between Loc. No. 45 to 48 against infringement crossing with proposed Bullet train (NHSRCL) alignment at Chainage 106/700 under EHV Projects Division, Kalyan under EHV Projects Circle, Kalwa. using ERS (Emergency Restoration System) for reducing the outage time

11-03-2023 10-04-2023 (451 KB)
7000026584 Vashi

"E-Tender for Work of Shifting / Height Raising of 220 kV D/C PGCIL-Wada Tr. Line between Loc. No. 06 to 09 against infringement crossing with proposed Bullet train NHSRCL alignment at Chainage 104/486 under EHV Projects Division, Kalyan under EHV Projects Circle, Kalwa

11-03-2023 10-04-2023 (451 KB)
7000026525 Vashi

E-Tender for Work of Erection of Electrode Line from Malegaon Site to HVDC Padghe Terminal Station including Supply Of Material, For Establishment Of Earth Electrode Station At Malegaon, Tal. Murbad, District. Thane” {Package I, II & III}.

10-03-2023 10-04-2023 (454 KB)
7000026365 Vashi

 Utilization of crane service at 400 kV R.S. Nagothane S/S, 220 kV IPCL S/S & 220 KV SPCL S/S under 400 KV R.S. (O&M) Division, Nagothane under  EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel

28-02-2023 07-04-2023 (13 KB)
7000026664 Pune

Work Contract for providing pipe type earthing to various EHV lines under EHV O&M Circle, Pune. (dated 28-03-2023) 

15-03-2023 06-04-2023 (65 KB)
7000026861 Vashi

Hiring of vehicle (TUV400/Mahindra Bolero/Scorpio) with driver & fuel for Addl.EE S&I S/S/Division   Under EHV project Division Kalwa for FY 23-24.



28-03-2023 05-04-2023 (236 KB)
7000026816 Karad

Tender for Annual maintenance contract for period of 2 years for routine maintenance, Live Demonstration, testing & checking healthiness of Nitrogen injection fire protection system (NIFPS)including replacement of faulty spares at 400kV R.S.Talandge

29-03-2023 05-04-2023 (32 KB)
7000026759 Vashi
E-Tender for Shifting of 400KV D/C Talegaon-Kharghar- Kalwa line (using Monopole & Lattice Structure) & 100KV D/C Kalwa-Mumbra- Pal line (using Lattice Structure) infringing proposed solid waste disposal plant at survey No. 15,16,17 & 18/1 (P) Village :- Diager, Kalyan – Shilphata road, Tal. & Dist. Thane under ORC".
20-03-2023 05-04-2023 (450 KB)
5000001093 Corporate Office

SP/T-0501/0323 -- Procurement of Unused Uninhibited Naphthenic Based High Grade Mineral Insulating Oil as per IEC 60296 and Paraffin Based New Insulating Oil for Transformers & Switchgears as per IS 335 for R&M Scheme for the Year 2022-23 under various EHV PC O&M Zones of MSETCL

Document Title End Date File
Amendment No. 1 31-03-2023 (120 KB)
02-03-2023 05-04-2023 (394 KB)
7000026856 Vashi

Civil works of major nature of Ganga and Netravati buildings at Kalwa Complex, Airoli.

29-03-2023 04-04-2023 (21 KB)
7000026835 Nagpur

1st Call Tender for Procurement/ Supply of consumable items and essential material for day to day use during maintenance activities at 400KV GCR substation, Chandrapur.

28-03-2023 04-04-2023 (24 KB)
7000026844 Vashi

Invitation of E-Tender for the work of “Providing of Semiskilled /Unskilled labors at various sections under EHV Projects Division, Kalwa for the period from 2023 to 2024”

28-03-2023 04-04-2023 (435 KB)
7000026843 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: AMC for the Works of Dismantling, Erection, Transportation, Winching, Loading & Unloading of Power Transformers, EHV Equipments & EHV materials / Scrap materials, from anywhere in Maharashtra to the MSETCL Work Site / Stores / Repairers Workshop & vice versa, under EHV (O&M) Circle, Aurangabad.

28-03-2023 04-04-2023 (379 KB)
RFX:7000026620 Nagpur

Annual Maintenance Contract for work of attending breakdown work or as and when required and daily patrolling of 132kV D/C U/G line from 132KV Mankapur S/s (MSETCL) to Morris College and Jhansi rani (MMRCL) under R.S Ring Main Division, MSETCL, Nagpur.

28-03-2023 04-04-2023 (473 KB)
7000026848 Nagpur

Supply & installation of Cassette type inverter teachnology of split room air conditioning unit 2 Ton Air Conditioners unit at 220KV Butibori-3 & 220KV Kanhan substations, under EHV (O&M) Dn., Nagpur.

28-03-2023 04-04-2023 (146 KB)
7000026837 Vashi

AMC for Operation and Maintenance of Filtration plant, Swimming pool & Distribution of drinking water & Cleaning of overhead water tank in the staff colony area, offices & other places at HVDC padghe for year 2023-24

28-03-2023 04-04-2023 (309 KB)
7000026472 Vashi

RFx for Overall Project management, Engineering, manufacture, factory testing, supply of all items, transportation, delivery to the sites, unloading, storing, handling, and moving into final position, installation, testing, commissioning and placing into successful operation of the Malegaon Electrode Station (400 m X 400 m) of Padghe end for ±500kV HVDC Chandrapur Padghe HVDC Bipole link..

05-03-2023 04-04-2023 (394 KB)
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