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The Largest Electric Power Transmission Utility in State Sector in India Indoor Testing Laboratory Scada/PLC Training Programmes Conducted Exclusively for Women Groups
Company Profile
Rajeev Kumar Mital, IAS,CMD more

Mission & Vision
To establish ourselves as a model STU and transmission licensee with respect to planning, project implementation, operational capabilities, performance with emphasis on cost and quality consciousness, human resources development and corporate social responsibility
Exemption from passing Paper III of L.A.Exam & Paper I,III of H.A.Exam.(dated 16-10-2016)
Submission of documents for finalizing Exemption cases for Lower A/c P-III & Higher A/c P-I & III.(dated 16-10-2016)
Result of the recruitment process for the post of Chief Engineer (Trans) advertised vide advt. No. 07/2016.(dated 15-10-2016)
Final Roll No. list of 103th Higher GAD Exam to be held on 22th Oct 2016 & 23th Oct 2016.(dated 14-10-2016)
Personal interviews for the post of Chief Engineer (Trans) against advt. No. 07/2016.(dated 13-10-2016)
Result of the post of Junior Security Officer/junior Vigilance Officer advertised vide advt. No. 07/2015.(dated 06-10-2016)
Competency Mapping Test for the post of Chief Engineer (Trans) - advt. No. 07/2016.(dated 23-09-2016)
Personal interviews for the post of Junior security Officer/ Junior Vigilance Officer - Advt. No. 07/2015.(dated 20-09-2016)
Final Roll No.List of 95th Lower Account Exam to be held on 24th Sept 2016 & 25th Sept 2016.(dated 17-09-2016)  
Result of the recruitment process for the post of General Manager (F&A) advertised vide advt. No. 04/2016.(dated 17-09-2016)
SRM E-Tender Notice: Shifting/Modification of 220kV Hingoli-Girwali line crossing Railway Track(Railway Location Km302/8 in between Pingali-Mirkhel station) due to Doubling of track in between Mudkhed-Parbhani section under EHV Projects Division, Nanded. RFx No: 7000003335.(dated 27-10-2016)
Enquiry for the work of Shifting of LT line obstructing 220kV tower at Loc. No. 3 of 220kV Loni Deokar Line.(dated 27-10-2016)
Enquiry for the work of Laying & Termination of HT power cable at 220kV Serum S/stn.(dated 27-10-2016)
Enquiry for the work of filtration of two nos  25MVA, 220/22kV Transformers at 220/22kV Serum S/stn.(dated 27-10-2016)
Balance Work Of 220 kV line bay- 6 , I/C bay-1, T/F bay-1, TBC-1, BC-1 along with132kv Incomer bay at 220kv Chinchwad Sub stations Dist. Pune with Supply of required Material, Erection Testing and Commissioning.(dated 27-10-2016)
Extension Etender EE/Civil/AMT/eT02,eT-03 for various civil works under the jurisdiction of EHV civil Civil Const.Cum Maint.Dn.Amravati.(Date 27.10.2016)
Enquiry for Replacement of Tertiary Bushing  (33kV) of BHEL make 400/220kV 315MVA ICT-1 at 400kV R.S.Division Talandge.(dated 27-10-2016)
Amendment No.1 : eTender No. T-1622/MSETCL/CO/DC&M/D&T/SS-Pretender under Chief Engineer(DC&M).(dated 27-10-2016)
Rfx 7000002920 for Srmetender EE/EHV /O&M/Dn/Baramati /Tender - 12/2016-17 for work of providing and fixing of Tower Accessories such as Danger Boards, Number Plates, Circuit Plates and Phase Plates at various EHV Towers under EHV O&M DN Baramati.(dated 27-10-2016)
Rfx 7000002735 for Srmetender EE/EHV /O&M/Dn/Baramati /Tender - 10/2016-17 for due date extn. of 2ndCall for Annual E-Tender contract for providing Technical operators, Jr. Technicians at various substations under EHV O&M Division Baramati for the period of one year.(dated 27-10-2016)
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