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RFX No:- 7000015100 Pune

SRM Tender for the Work of Repair of Faulty 33/11 KV CT’s & PT’s available at various 220/132/110 kV Substation under jurisdiction of EHV O & Division, Solapur. (dated 29-01-2020)

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (72 KB)
EE/TDP/DyEE(O)/T-15/0073 dtd.28.01.2020 Pune

Enquiry for providing 1 No Vehicle (Tata-Sumo or equivalent) with driver on hire for Batch 3 of Testing Division, Pune.(dated 28-01-2020)

28-01-2020 05-02-2020 (43 KB)
7000015077 Vashi

 Providing & supplying furniture at for CE(AC&I)SLDC Airoli

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (98 KB)
EE/400KV/RS/O&M/DN/DHL/46 Nashik

400 KV R.S. (O&M) Division,DHULE:E-enquiry for work of providing Crane service along with driver(14 TON & boom length 16M) on as and when required basis service.

28-01-2020 06-02-2020 (308 KB)
EE/400KV/RS/O&M/DN/DHL/45 Nashik

400 KV R.S. (O&M) Division,DHULE:E-enquiry for work of providing JCB excavator with driver on as and when required basis service. 

28-01-2020 06-02-2020 (308 KB)
7000014922 Karad

Extension of due date for SRM E-Tender for Establishment of 132 KV TSS of KRCL at Chinchawali ( Kharepatan) District Sindhudurg under Karad Zone (Including Civil Works) RFx. No. 7000014922 (Submission due date extended 04.02.2020)

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (50 KB)
11 Karad

e-Enquiry no.11 for hiring of TATA Sumo / Bolero / utility vehicle equivalent or above for EHV Lines Projects S/Dn., Satara under EHV Projects Division, Sangli

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (583 KB)
EE/EHV(O&M)/Dn./DHL/Tech/No.- 0129 Nashik

E- Enquiry for “Hiring of the LMV Tata Indica/Viesta/Maroti Swift/Tata Indigo or any equivalent Vehicle Diesel Car along with driver for Executive Engineer, EHV (O&M) Division, Dhule.”

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (316 KB)
Ref-EE/400 KV /R.S.O&M /Dn/Lonikand/Tech/F-03/ 37 Date- 28.01.2020 Pune

E-Enquiry for Hiring of Vehicle (Indica Car or equivalent) for Executive Engineer, 400kV R.S. O&M Division Lonikand-I.(dated 28-01-2020)

28-01-2020 03-02-2020 (62 KB)
7000015076 Nashik

SRM-E-ENQUIRY Work of attending oil leakage from LV Bushings and HV/LV Neutral bushing by Replacement of Gaskets/Oil Seals of 100MVA,220/33/33KV PTF-I & II at 220KV Shivajinagar s/stn under EHV O&M Division, Dhule

28-01-2020 03-02-2020 (190 KB)
7000015078 Pune

SRM enquiry for work of Shifting of 22KV HT line passing from premises at 400kv Jejuri ss.(dated 28-01-2020)

28-01-2020 03-02-2020 (236 KB)
EE/TCD/ABD/TS/H-1/No.00023 Aurangabad

Telecom Division,Aurangabad :ENQUIRY for the work for hiring of one no of Tata Sumo for Additional Executive Engineer Carrier sub-division parli

28-01-2020 03-02-2020 (502 KB)
7000015086 Nagpur

SRM-Enquiry for the Supply of various stationery items & printed materials for day to day office use at EHV (O&M) Circle Nagpur for the year of 2019-20

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (66 KB)
CE/NLD/COMP-08/29 SLDC Kalwa

Enquiry for quotation for supply of New Projector at ALDC Ambazari.

28-01-2020 11-02-2020 (318 KB)
7000015082,7000014818 Vashi

1.Transportation, dismantling, erection, of EHV Power transformer, ICT and transportation of various EHV equipments under Panvel circle.

2.Providing and installation of D.C. Monitoring System at various substations under EHV (O&M) Circle.

28-01-2020 06-02-2020 (230 KB)
7000015081 Nagpur

SRM e-Tender for providing & fitting of Earth wire copper Bond of 400KV lines under HVDC TL O&M Division, Chandrapur (2nd call)

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (25 KB)
7000015040 Pune

Work of supply of material, erection, testing,commissioning & Civil work for 132kV Karjgi end bay at 132kV Akkalkot S/Stn (Balance work).(dated 27-01-2020)

28-01-2020 03-02-2020 (19 KB)
10 Karad

Enquiry for providing 1 no. of skilled labour as Computer Operator & 1 no. of Unskilled peon through outsourcing at Telecom Division, Karad.

27-01-2020 01-02-2020 (1.6 MB)
49 Karad

E-Enquiry for "Crane Service at 400kV R.S.Division Talandge".

27-01-2020 06-02-2020 (802 KB)
7000014919 Pune

Re-E-Tender for work of replacement of 245 kV & 145 kV Current transformers at various substation under EHV O&M Circle PUNE.(dated 27-01-2020)

27-01-2020 03-02-2020 (10 KB)
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