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EEC/EHV/CCCM Dn/NSK/Tech-2118 Nashik

EHV CCCM Divison, Nashik :E-quotation for the work of " Dismantling of staff quarter buildings ( Type IIA-1Building, Type III-3 Buildings and type IV -1 building ,Total 5 buildings ) and disposing off all debris at 132 KV Satpur old sub station ,Tq.& Dist Nashik."

22-12-2021 28-12-2021 (1.1 MB)
7000021738 Pune

SRM Re tender for Overhauling & servicing of 22kV ABB make Indoor Circuit breakers at 220kV Flagship S/Stn under EHV O&M Division Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune. (dated 22.12.2021)

22-12-2021 29-12-2021 (202 KB)
Tend-24 /7000021462 Vashi

Work of stub strengthening and chimney height raising of 220kV Nagothane- Wadkhal –I & II from loc. No. 39 to 59 in creek area and stub strengthening of 100kV Apta – Jite-Thal D/C line other than creek locations on urgent basis under EHV lines S/Dn. Panvel

22-12-2021 29-12-2021 (118 KB)
Tend-23/7000021710 Vashi

Work of Cold line washing/cleaning (manually) of polymer/disc insulator strings and tightening of jumper of various 400kV, 220kV & 100kV under EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel

22-12-2021 31-12-2021 (118 KB)
Tend-22/ 7000021415 Vashi

Overhauling of ABB make 220kV CB at various EHV Substation under Panvel circle

22-12-2021 31-12-2021 (118 KB)
Tend-20/7000021524 Vashi

Supply of various General Asset material required at various location under EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel for FY2021-22 ( EMD Rs. 5000) 1st extension

22-12-2021 31-12-2021 (118 KB)
Tend-19/ 7000021620 Vashi

AMC for restoration of collapse tower of various 400KV,220KV & 100KV lines under jurisdiction of EHV (O&M) Circle Panvel 1st extension

22-12-2021 31-12-2021 (118 KB)
Tend-16/ 7000021433 Vashi

Overhauling of ABB make 100kV CB at various EHV Substation under Panvel circle. 1st extension.

22-12-2021 31-12-2021 (118 KB)
7000021394 Vashi

2nd Call of Rfx for Supply of Tools and Various Material, Ladder and Equipment for day to day work at substation under HVDC RS (O&M) Circle, Padghe.

22-12-2021 29-12-2021 (208 KB)
7000020589 Vashi

2nd call of RFx for AMC of Various Types of Bay Maintenance work under 400kV RS (O&M) Div, Padghe For F.Y.2021-22.

22-12-2021 29-12-2021 (207 KB)
7000021741 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of work of Providing & Fixing of Spike Type Bird Guard on Various EHV Lines under EHV(O&M) Division Parbhani (FY 2021-22).

22-12-2021 28-12-2021 (388 KB)
Tender No. EE/EHVPD-II/PN/T/T-08/2021-22 (RFX No.- 7000021747) Pune

Providing and fixing of CSD (Controlled Switching Device) relay for the circuit breakers associated with 400kV 125 MVAR Bus shunt reactor at 400/220kV Lonikand-II S/Stn. Pune (RFX No.- 7000021747) (dated 21.12.2021)

22-12-2021 29-12-2021 (97 KB)
7000021736 Karad

SRM Tender for Work of repairing and overhauling of 145kV Siemens make Circuit  breakers of Type 3AP1FG at various Substations under EHV O&M Circle, Kolhapur.

22-12-2021 30-12-2021 (204 KB)
7000021709 Karad

Day to Day Civil Maintenance work at 110KV Sub-Station Satara Road, Tal-Koregaon, Dist-Satara.

22-12-2021 29-12-2021 (79 KB)
7000021487 Nashik

2nd Call for Bi-AMC for PC's, Laptops, Printers & associated equipments, LAN & associated equipments and rate list of related accessories for various Sub-stations & offices under
EHV (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar.

22-12-2021 29-12-2021 (69 KB)
7000021744 Vashi

E-Tender for IEC 61850 complied Digital Communicable Distributed Architecture Based Transformer Auxiliary Monitoring System (DCDA based TAMS) along with Energy Data Acquisition Module and Automatic Log Sheet Generation Feature at 132/33 kV Dahanu S/S under EHV O&M Division Boisar.

22-12-2021 28-12-2021 (457 KB)
7000021743 Vashi

E-Tender for the work of stub-strengthening of the heavily rusted legs of 132kV MIDC – DAHANU D/C Line and 220kV PADGHA – NALASOPARA D/C Line in the creek area along with providing special type of chimney height raising work of tower legs in creek area of 132kV MIDC – DAHANU Line and 220kV PGCIL – NALASOPARA Line under the jurisdiction of EHV Line (M) S/Dn Boisar for the Year 2021-22 under EHV O&M Division Boisar.

22-12-2021 28-12-2021 (459 KB)
7000021740 Vashi

Notice for SRM Re-Tender (2nd call) for supply of Safety Equipments at various substations under EHV O&M Dn Dombivali for FY 2021-22..

22-12-2021 28-12-2021 (30 KB)
7000021584 Amravati

E-TENDER NOTICE Work of Supply of Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI) & Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI) for power T/Fs installed at various EHV Substations under EHV O&M Division, Akola.

22-12-2021 28-12-2021 (22 KB)
7000021590 Nagpur

E-enquiry for spares procurement & Bi annual contract for maintenance of 02 Nos. 1600 KVA Diesel Generator (DG) Set at HVDC terminal Station, Chandrapur for the year 2021-22 & 2022-23. Estimated cost: Rs. 10,00,000 /- (Including Taxes)

21-12-2021 28-12-2021 (17 KB)
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