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7000016001 Karad

Annual maintenance of garden at 220 KV S/Stn & Civil Division Ogalewadi, 110 KV S/Stn Tembhu & Rethare, Tal-Karad, Dist - Satara..

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (78 KB)
7000016010 Vashi

E-tender for work of AMC for various regular preventative maintenance / attending emergency breakdowns of EHV Lines under EHV Lines Maint.  S/dn Panvel  Under  EHV (O&M) Div Panvel.

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (41 KB)
7000015999 Vashi

E-tender for work of tree cutting work of various 100kV & 220kV Lines under EHV under EHV Lines S/Dn Panvel under EHV(O&M)Division Panvel.

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (40 KB)
7000015792 Vashi

Extension of E-tender for Hiring of A.C. Indica or equivalent Car for Executive Engineer Telecom Division Kalwa for the period 01.04.2020 to 31.03.2021

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (112 KB)
7000016013 Karad

Annual maint. of garden at various locations in the premises of Zone office, Vijaynagar, Karad, Dist - Satara.

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (78 KB)
7000016003 Karad

Providing CGL make 245 KV circuit breaker foundation at Tillari HPS connected to 220 KV Halkarni Sub Station, Dist. Kolhapur.( RFX No. 7000016003 )

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (415 KB)
SE/TCC/ABD/TS/NIL Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Hiring of 01 no. of Indica/Vista Desire/Sedan Car(AC) diesel with driver on hire for The Superintending Engineer, Testing & Communication Circle, MSETCL, Aurangabad.

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (116 KB)
7000016006 Vashi

Invitation SRM E-Tender for the providing various consumables items for pre monsoon maintenance at various location under Mahad Dn for the year 2020-21.

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (33 KB)
7000015519 Vashi

2nd Call of RFx for the replacement of new numerical 220kV Bus Bar protection at 400/220 kV RS(O&M) Dn. Padghe.

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (1 MB)
7000015458 Vashi

RFx for Repair of relay (by replacement of Faulty card) and relay restoration status of Non-Working 400 kV Siemens Make Numerical Bus bar Protection(SIPROTECH 7SS52 Bay Unit) at 400 RS(O&M) Dn, Padghe.

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (552 KB)
7000015342 Vashi

2nd Call of Removing, shifting, installation and commissioning of pole 2 B-phase Converter Transformer by spare transformer and Erection of Outdoor X2 bushing  (Type: GOF 1550 OUTDOOR) & replacement of Gasket sets for spare BHEL make Smoothing reactor and shifting thereof at HVDC Terminal station, Padghe.

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (1.1 MB)
7000015976 Nagpur

SRM e-TENDER (1st call) NOTICE  AMC for Housekeeping & attendant services at various EHV S/Stn.under EHV(O&M) Division, Bhandara along with consumables.

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (61 KB)
7000015967 Nagpur

SRM E-TENDER NOTICE  towards the work of providing & fixing of volume resistive, surface resistive ASTM 0257 Method tested, confirming IS: 14772 - 2000 spike guards on various locations of various 400KV lines under EHV O&M Division, Nagpur

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (5 KB)
7000016007 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Notice(2nd call) Work of overhauling, servicing & supply of Spares of 7 nos.245KV & 1no.145KV make SF6 gas ABB Make Circuit Breakers at 220KV S/s under 400KV RS O&M Dn., Chandrapur.

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (271 KB)
7000014737 Amravati

SRM Etender Annual Maintenance Contract for ‘Refilling/Reconditioning and servicing of DCP Gun type & Water mist foam type (35 Ltr & 50 Ltr) fire extinguishers’ at various EHV S/Stns under jurisdiction of EHV O&M Circle, Amravati

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (209 KB)
7000014872 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER NOTICE Annual maintenance contract for Grass cutting/shrub uprooting & weed control at various substations under EHV O&M DN. Amravati

30-04-2020 07-05-2020 (56 KB)
7000015979 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: AMC for Overhauling & Servicing of various Make(Other than CGL) 33kV Circuit Breakers at various EHV S/s under EHV(O&M) Division, Parbhani.

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (293 KB)
7000015985 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: AMC of servicing/maintenance of battery sets and chargers, taking capacity tests of Battery sets and reconditioning of 200AH / 300 AH battery cells at various 132KV & 220KV EHV substations under EHV(O&M) Division Parbhani. (FY 2020-21).

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (302 KB)
7000015904 Nashik

Extension Notice For Work Of Annual Maintenance Contract & Attending Emergency/breakdown Maintenance Work Of 132 KV & 220 KV EHV Substation’s Under EHV O&M Division, Jalgaon

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (20 KB)
7000015998 SLDC Kalwa

(2nd call) E-enquiry for work of servicing of Water Mist Foam gun, 35 Liters capacity at ALDC, Ambazari, Nagpur.

30-04-2020 06-05-2020 (207 KB)
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