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7000014619 Amravati

SRM e-tender The work of renovation of existing Earth pit at 132 KV S/Stn Pandharkawada & 220 KV Wani S/Stn under EHV O&M Division Yavatmal

09-12-2019 15-12-2019 (565 KB)
70000L445 Aurangabad

SRM Etender AMC for attending emergency breakdown, scheduled and oih., urgent works on various EHV lines under EHV O&M Division, Nanded

08-12-2019 14-12-2019 (113 KB)
70000 1445 Aurangabad

SRM Etender Work of Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of ALSTOM (GE) make Bay control unit (C264) relay for 220kV S/s Bhokar under EHV(O&M) Division,Nanded.

08-12-2019 14-12-2019 (146 KB)
7000014611 Karad

Strengthening of old equipment foundations and various civil maintenance works at 110 KV Mayani SubStation, Dist. Satara.

08-12-2019 16-12-2019 (130 KB)
RFX No:- 7000014623 Pune

SRM Tender for the Work of Fixing of HV Bushings for 220/33KV, 50MVA, CGL Make & 132/33KV,25 MVA Accurate Make, 132/33KV, 50 MVA BBL Make Transformers available at 220KV Pandharpur/ Malinagar & 132KV Parewadi Substations under jurisdiction of EHV O & M Division, Solapur.(dated 07-12-2019)

08-12-2019 15-12-2019 (72 KB)
7000014608 Karad

Repairs to existing boundary CLF compound by replacing with solid masonry compound wall at 220 KV Sub-Station Ghatnandre, Dist. - Sangli.

08-12-2019 16-12-2019 (130 KB)
7000014627 Nagpur

E-Enquiry for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of water purifier system for water cooler at 400/220KV Koradi S/s under 400KV R.S
(O&M) Division Nagpur .

07-12-2019 15-12-2019 (71 KB)
7000014625 Karad

Overhauling of DM mechanism of 25MVA CGL Make T/F OLTC at 220kV Halkarani S/S under EHV O&M Dn, Kolhapur.

07-12-2019 17-12-2019 (43 KB)
7000014628 Karad

SRM E-Tender Dismantling, Erection & Commissioning of 25MVA, 132/33kV Power T/F's at 132kV Kudal & Kankavali S/s, under EHV O&M Division, Ratnagiri.

07-12-2019 14-12-2019 (280 KB)
7000014542 Vashi

 E-Tender Extension notice for Supply, Erection , testing & commissioning of Neutral Grounding Reactor as fault current limiter to Transformers at 220KV Nalasopara S/stn including civil work under EHV O&M Division Boisar.


07-12-2019 15-12-2019 (355 KB)
7000014534 Vashi

 E-Tender Extension notice for annual maintenance contract for attending oil leakage from various joints of EHV Power    Transformer/ICT at various substation   by using   POWERSEAL / Insitu Gasketting method under EHV (O&M) Circle, Kalwa.

07-12-2019 15-12-2019 (414 KB)
7000014202 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Work of Maintenance for Servicing/Overhauling of Air Compressor of 220kV & 132kV at various EHV Substations, undr EHV O&M Division, Latur.

07-12-2019 15-12-2019 (274 KB)
7000014206 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Work of Annual Maintenance Contract for overhauling/servicing with spares for 33kV ABB make CB at various EHV S/s under EHV(O&M) Dn, Latur.

07-12-2019 15-12-2019 (277 KB)
7O00014552 Karad

Supply & ETC work of 22OV DC, 3OOAh Lead Acid Stationary Battery Set along with accessories at 400 KV R.S.Karad.

06-12-2019 13-12-2019 (1.3 MB)
SE/EHV O&M/C/KRD/T/ No.1675 Karad

Supply of Compact Digital Cameras for Hot Line Unit Ogalewadi and All Divisions under EHV O&M Circle, Karad.

06-12-2019 13-12-2019 (162 KB)
7000014538 Nagpur

E –Tender Notice(Extension) Work of design, supply, erection, commissioning and testing of auto power factor correction (APFC panel i.e capacitor bank of rating 200KVAR- 4 nos.& 50KVAR -2 nos. for HVDC auxiliary source I & II HVDC Terminal Station Chandrapur.

06-12-2019 13-12-2019 (274 KB)
7000014613 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Notice Procurement of insulation tester & Earth tester for various substations and lines under EHV O&M Circle,Chandrapur.

06-12-2019 13-12-2019 (80 KB)
RFX No.7000014615 Pune

SRM E-Tender for Providing skilled & unskilled man power as outsourcing for attending office work at division office & at EHV Line Maintenance S/Dn-I, Pune (Zone-I) under EHV O&M Division-I, Pune.(dated 06-12-2019)

06-12-2019 13-12-2019 (137 KB)
EE/EHVO&M/DN/KOP/T/LP/1071 Karad

7 Days extension for E-Enquiry for repair and servicing of UPS provided for SCADA at 110kV Puikhadi substation under EHV O&M DN, Kolhapur.

06-12-2019 13-12-2019 (136 KB)
EE/1002 Dt: 06.12.2019 Pune

Publication of E-Enquiry for Hiring of LMV for movement of line maintenance unit staff under EHV (O&M) Dn. II, Pune.(dated 06-12-2019)

06-12-2019 16-12-2019 (38 KB)
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