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24-02-2020 31-03-2021 (135 KB)
RFx No.-700001654 , 7000016654 Pune

Construction of 220kV TBC bay at 220 KV Pandharpur & Malinagar Substation under EHV O&M Division Solapur (dated 04.08.2020)

05-08-2020 13-08-2020 (245 KB)
7000016974 Pune

Re Tender for Work Contract for Replacement of existing 0.2 ACSR Conductor by new HTLS (High Ampacity Conductor) for line between 220/132 kV Theur S/s to 132 kV Kharadi S/s & 400/22/132 kV Lonikand S/s to 132 kV kharadi S/s under EHV O&M Dn I Pune (dated 28.07.2020)

28-07-2020 13-08-2020 (195 KB)
7000016744 Vashi
The work of detail survey work for the construction of proposed 400/220/132/100kV Lines under jurisdiction of EHV Project Dn, MSETCL, Kalyan. 
05-08-2020 12-08-2020 (185 KB)
7000016852 Vashi

Detail survey for replacing of 100KV Kalwa-Dombivali (Pal) line with HTLS conductor under EHV Project Division Kalwa.

05-08-2020 12-08-2020 (379 KB)
7000016928 Amravati

SRM  Extension  e-Tender notice for the work of " Construction of Tower protection wall  at Location No. 131 of 220KV Apatapa  Anjangaon ( Vihigaon) D/C line near 220KV S/Stn. Anjangaon ( Vihigaon) 

05-08-2020 12-08-2020 (274 KB)
T-04 / 2020-21-7000016705 , T-05 / 2020-21-7000016720 , T-06 / 2020-21-7000016946 , T-07 / 2020-21-7000016970 , T-08 / 2020-21-7000017000 Pune

Periodical maintenance of civilassets at 400kV Substation Lamboti,Dist.-Solapur. (Dated 03.08.2020)

Construction of WBM/Bituminous road and other miscellaneous civil works at 132kV Substation Purandawade, Dist.-Solapur.(Dated 03.08.2020)

Repairs to UCR Retaining wall of 132kV Yard at 220kV Substation Jeur, Tal.-Karmala, Dist.-Solapur.(Dated 03.08.2020)


Maintenance and upkeepment of Control Room and colony at 132kV Substation, Akkalkot, Dist:-Solapur.(Dated 03.08.2020)


Replenishment of metalin 33kV yard and construction of store shed at 132kV Substation Sangola,Dist.-Solapur.(Dated 03.08.2020)

05-08-2020 12-08-2020 (13 KB)
7000016942 Amravati

SRM Etender A) Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of additional 1 x 100 MVA, 220/132 kV ICT along with Bay equipments and all allied equipments with Civil works at 220kV Malegaon substation, under EHV O&M Division Akola on turnkey basis ( ICT will be provided by MSETCL) B) Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of additional 1 x 100 MVA, 220/132 kV ICT along with Bay equipments and all allied equipments with Civil works at 220kV Anjangaon substation, under EHV O&M Division Amravati on turnkey basis ( ICT will be provided by MSETCL)

29-07-2020 12-08-2020 (104 KB)
SE/EHVC/PV/TS/0755 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work of Annual Maintenance Contract for Computers/Laptop along with Networking and Printers for EHV(O&M) Circle Parli-V.

04-08-2020 11-08-2020 (1.1 MB)
7000017050 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Work of AMC for attending planned outages and emergency breakdowns for 400 kV & 220kV lines under 400kV R.S.(O&M) Division, Girwali.

04-08-2020 11-08-2020 (28 KB)
7000017034 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Outsource services of ITI Certified Technicians in Electrical trade as Technician at Various Testing units under T&C Circle, Aurangabad.

05-08-2020 11-08-2020 (14 KB)
7000016839 Vashi
Annual contract for providing pest control services for assets under EHV CCCM Sub division Panvel, Kharghar & Kalyan for the FY 2020-21.
04-08-2020 11-08-2020 (154 KB)
7000016941 Vashi

RFx for Supply of Various Type of Material (Clamp & Connector) for Day to Day maintenance activity under 400kV RS(O&M) Dn,Padghe

05-08-2020 11-08-2020 (863 KB)
7000016928 Nagpur

Extension SRM e-TENDER NOTICE regarding Work of providing of chilled water (drinking purified water) cans at various Substations, Subdivisions and offices under EHV (O&M) Dn. MSETCL Ballarshah.

29-07-2020 11-08-2020 (206 KB)
710 Karad

Meeting of Unemployed Engineers for allottment of works.

04-08-2020 11-08-2020 (322 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/DN/BBLR/T-9/ 1052 Nashik

2nd. Call Notice for Hiring of 01 no. of 7/8 seater Diesel Jeep/ SUV/ utility vehicle with driver for diagnostic testing & related works at various EHV S/Stn & LMSD under EHV (O&M) Division Babhaleshwar as & when required.

05-08-2020 11-08-2020 (89 KB)
EE/TDP/DyEE(O)/T-15/0254 dtd.04.08.2020 Pune

Enquiry for providing 1 No Vehicle (Tata-Sumo or equivalent) with driver on hire for Batch 2 of Testing Division, Pune. (dated 04.08.2020)

04-08-2020 11-08-2020 (42 KB)
7000016903 Nagpur

SRM e-TENDER NOTICE (TIME EXTENSION) AMC for the year 2020- 21 for the work of uprooting of grass,plants, weeds, small trees, etc. along with weed control Treatment ( Chemical Treatment ) and disposing the removed weeds/Grass at various EHV substations under EHV(O&M) Division,MSETCL, Bhandara.

03-08-2020 11-08-2020 (94 KB)
7000017018 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Notice  regarding Work of shifting of 33KV Incomer III bay on extended 33KV Bus Section I (towards control room side) and erection of 33KV PT bay at 132KV Mankapur substation under RS Ringmain Division Nagpur..

04-08-2020 11-08-2020 (217 KB)
7000017007 Karad

SRM -Enquiry for work of Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 24 Windows Microcontroller Annunicator for Control Panels at 400 KV R.S.Karad.

04-08-2020 11-08-2020 (57 KB)
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