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RFX No. 7000017697 Pune

Publication of Cancellation of the E-Tender Work of attending Oil Leakage of Bushing & PRV alongwith replacement of Gasket at various substations under EHV O&M Dn. II, Pune (dated 05.11.2020)

05-11-2020 06-11-2020 (315 KB)
RE-enquiry No.: EE/400 KV /R.S.O&M/Dn/ Lonikand/ Tech/F-03/ 447 Date- 05.11.2020 Pune

RE-Enquiry for Hiring of Vehicle (Tata Sumo or equivalent) for 400kV Line maintenance S/Dn-1 under 400 KV R.S. O&M Division Lonikand-I (dated 05.11.2020)

05-11-2020 12-11-2020 (59 KB)
RE-enquiry No.: EE/400 KV /R.S.O&M /Dn/Lonikand-I/Tech/FNo.03/445 Date:- 05.11.2020 Pune

RE-Enquiry for annual maintenance of lawn, garden and flower beds of various garden under 400kV R.S. Lonikand. (dated 05.11.2020)

05-11-2020 12-11-2020 (53 KB)
7000017721 Nagpur

1st Extension of SRM e-Tender for AMC for Restoration of Collapsed of Tower of 500KV HVDC, 400 KV and 33KV lines under HVDC TL O&M Division, Chandrapur for Year 2020-21, 2021-22.(as and when required basis for 2 years)

05-11-2020 12-11-2020 (14 KB)
7000017812 Nashik

Notice for Work of Tower footing resistance measurement as per standard procedure of various 400 kV, 220 kV and 132 kV Tower Lines under various Line Maintenance Sub-Division, under EHV (O&M) Circle, Bhusawal.

05-11-2020 12-11-2020 (250 KB)
7000017511 Vashi

2nd call of RFx for Supply of spare components for refurbishment of faulty LVAC Feeders and Repairing, Servicing and maintenance Critical LVAC Feeders during Annual Outage 2020 at HVDC, Padghe.

05-11-2020 11-11-2020 (412 KB)
7000017670 Karad

Annual contract for Transportation, loading, unloading of equipments/materials for various Sub-Stations under EHV O&M Circle, Kolhapur

05-11-2020 16-11-2020 (87 KB)
7000017705 SLDC Kalwa

E-Tender for Annual maintenance service contract of FBSM software for period of two years at MSLDC, Airoli, Navi Mumbai (on-site)…Extension of Tender dates therein

05-11-2020 11-11-2020 (132 KB)
7000017801 Vashi

Retender for Hiring of Diesel TATA sumo/Mahindra Bolero/Mahindra Xylo or Tata Xenon Pickup two rows/ Mahindra Bolero Pickup two rows/ Xylo pickup two rows or Equivalent along with Vehicle Driver on per day rent basis (with fuel) for year 2020-21 for Jintur Subdivision under Jalna Division.

05-11-2020 12-11-2020 (16 KB)
7000017798 Karad

Repairs to Tower revetment work at Location no. 15 near Khanderajuri on 400 KV Alkud (M) LILO line on Kolhapur-Solapur PGCIL line, Dist. - Sangli.

05-11-2020 13-11-2020 (132 KB)
7000017780 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Providing cleaning, sweeping, sanitation and housekeeping services at the Administrative Building at 132kV Harsool, Dist: Aurangabad under EHV CCCM Division Aurangabad.

05-11-2020 12-11-2020 (129 KB)
7000017654 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER NOTICE  “ Supply & installation of ABT meter real time data measurement/ visibility system at 220 KV Wani s/stn under EHV O&M Division, Yavatmal”

05-11-2020 11-11-2020 (571 KB)
7000017779 Pune

Preliminary and Detail survey of lines for establishment of 220kV level at 765kV Shikrapur (PG) S/Stn, with 220 kV D/C line for proposed Khed City S/Stn. (dated 04.11.2020)

05-11-2020 16-11-2020 (85 KB)
EE/400KV/Thaptitanda/242 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Hiring of Sumo or equivalent, seven sitters vehicle etc. for 400kV Testing unit under 400kV R.S. Dn Thaptitanda.

05-11-2020 12-11-2020 (217 KB)
RFx No.-7000017800 Pune

Re-tender for Supply of Digital multimeter ( 05 digit display) for various substation under EHV O&M Circle solapur (dated 12.11.2020)

04-11-2020 13-11-2020 (106 KB)
CELDK/IT/2020/Rental PC/2050 SLDC Kalwa

e-Enquiry for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 16 (Sixteen) Nos of Desktop on Rental basis for the period of Six Months at SLDC Airoli.

04-11-2020 10-11-2020 (88 KB)
7000017680 SLDC Kalwa

SRM E-tender for AMC of CCTV system and allied equipment's SLDC Airoli. (Comprehensive)at MSLDC, MSETCL complex, Airoli

04-11-2020 10-11-2020 (479 KB)
7000017810 Karad

Painting of gantry, equipment structure & T/F painting at various EHV substation under EHV O&M DN, Kolhapur

04-11-2020 12-11-2020 (43 KB)
5000000864 Corporate Office

SP/T-0609/1120 -- Procurement of 33 kV class CB ( Circuit Breakers) under LE scheme for replacement of existing old Circuit Breakers at various EHV Substations under Pune Zone and as an emergency / critical spares for all zones

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Amendment No. 1 26-11-2020 (29 KB)
Amendment No. 2 09-12-2020 (29 KB)
Amendment No. 3 17-12-2020 (29 KB)
Amendment No. 4 21-12-2020 (29 KB)
04-11-2020 17-11-2020 (461 KB)
SE/EHV/O&M/Circle NSK/TECH/ 1328 Nashik

E-Enquiry for work Supply of Stationary materials at EHV O&M Circle office and EHV Division Offices.

04-11-2020 11-11-2020 (1 MB)
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