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7000015065 Nagpur

RE-Tender of AMC contract for maintenance of different capacity of split Air Conditioner (Window & cassette type) at 400/220KV Koradi substation under 400KV RS (O&M) Division Nagpur.

29-01-2020 05-02-2020 (70 KB)
0176 Amravati

E-Enquiry for hiring of double cabin Mahindra / Tata utility vehicle for utilization at Maint. Unit, Akola for day to day transportation of material from store to site work under EHV (O&M) Division, Akola for year 2019 – 20 (upto Dt. 31.03.2020).

29-01-2020 04-02-2020 (252 KB)
7000015095,7000015091,7000015092,7000015093, 7000015094 Amravati

SRM e-TENDER ( 1)Asphalting of existing WBM road & H.P. culvert at 132KV S/Stn Darwha and colony premises , Dist. yavatmal ( 2nd call ) (2)Civil maintenance work at colony in old 66KV premises under 220KV S/Stn. Wani Dist. Yavatmal. ( 2nd call )(3) Construction of dismantled compound wall due to tower foundation of 132KV Yavatmal - Darwha line, at 132KV Darwha S/Stn. Dist. Yavatmal. ( 2nd call )(4) Asphalting of existing WBM road and damaged BT road at 220KV S/Stn. Pusad and colony premises, Dist.Yavatmal ( 2nd call )"(5) Civil maintenance work at MSETCL colony quarter at 66KV premises 132KV S/Stn. Ghatanji Dist.Yavatmal. ( 2nd call )"

29-01-2020 04-02-2020 (217 KB)
7000015030 Karad

Providing day to day wet sweeping maintenance of toilet blocks and cleaning work ( house keeping ) & daily dry sweeping of roads for MSETCL premises at Bapat Camp, Kolhapur.( RFX No. 7000015030 )

29-01-2020 04-02-2020 (394 KB)
7000015089 Pune

Work Contract for Supply Installation & Commissioning of additional 100 MVA 220/132 kV ICT at 220kV Ranjangaon S/s under Pune Zone. (ICT will be supplied by MSETCL) (dated 29-01-2020)

29-01-2020 07-02-2020 (193 KB)
7000014831 Vashi

RFx for AMC for repairing of ABB make faulty Power Supply & Bit Bus controller cards at HVDC, Padghe.    

29-01-2020 04-02-2020 (198 KB)
EE/TEST/SHP/TECH/59 Dt. 28/01/2020 Pune

E-Enquiry for hiring of LMV vehicle (Tata Sumo/Mahindra Bolero or equivalent) for Baramati unit under EHV Testing Dn,Solapur.(dated 28-01-2020)

29-01-2020 05-02-2020 (264 KB)
EE/TEST/SHP/TECH/58 Dt. 28/01/2020 Pune

E-Enquiry for hiring of LMV vehicle (Tata Sumo/Mahindra Bolero or equivalent) for Batch-I unit EHV Testing Dn,Solapur.(dated 28-01-2020)

29-01-2020 05-02-2020 (350 KB)
EE/TEST/SHP/TECH/57 Dt.28/01/2020 Pune

E-Enquiry for hiring of LMV vehicle (Tata Sumo/Mahindra Bolero or equivalent) for Batch-IV unit EHV Testing Dn,Solapur(2nd Call).(dated 28-01-2020)

29-01-2020 05-02-2020 (347 KB)
7000015073 Nashik

EHV Projects Division,Nasik.:(2nd call) notice in for work of Providing LT Temporary Connection at 400/220KV Karjat (Deulwadi) SS, Dist-A’nagar. 

29-01-2020 05-02-2020 (264 KB)
7000015074 Aurangabad

Notice for Work of Overhauling, Servicing, Repair & Maintenance of CGL makes of 33 kV Circuit Breakers with supply of required spares at various EHV sub-stations under EHV O&M Division Beed.

29-01-2020 04-02-2020 (1 MB)
Tender No. 09/2019-20 RFx No:7000014441 Pune

Work of Annual Contract for Weed Control Chemical Treatment at various substation under EHV O&M Division, Baramati.(dated 28-01-2020)

29-01-2020 05-02-2020 (9 KB)
7000015078 Pune

Extension to SRM enquiry for work of Shifting of 22KV HT line passing from premises at 400kv Jejuri ss.(dated 04-02-2020)

28-01-2020 10-02-2020 (427 KB)
105 Karad

E-enquiry for providing Total Station equipment machine on rental basis for the survey work at various sites under EHV Projects Division, Kolhapur.

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (174 KB)
0173 Amravati

Canceling of SRM e – Tender T – 08 No. EE/EHV/O&M/DN/AKL/T/2019-20/SRM/T08 for Work of providing outsource services of Sr. Operator and Operator (as and when required) at various Substations under EHV (O&M) Division, Akola and further process for the same.

28-01-2020 28-01-2020 (338 KB)
0172 Amravati

E-Enquiry for supply of blue color Silica Gel special grade with high activation as per IS: 3401/2003 amended upto date thereof (3/4 Mesh size i.e. 6 - 8 mm) in 25 kg HDPE bags under EHV (O&M) Division, Akola.

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (390 KB)
7000015049 Karad

Replacement of Long Rod Polymer Insulator Strings by Antifog Long Rod Porcelain Insulators for A) 220 KV Vankuswade LILO line portion i.e.in fault prone area, near 220 KV Vankuswade S/Stn (From loc. 53 to 42) & 220KV Kandalgaon -Sona Alloy Line (From loc.129 to 218) under EHV O&M Circle, Karad

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (448 KB)
RFX No:- 7000015100 Pune

SRM Tender for the Work of Repair of Faulty 33/11 KV CT’s & PT’s available at various 220/132/110 kV Substation under jurisdiction of EHV O & Division, Solapur. (dated 29-01-2020)

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (72 KB)
EE/TDP/DyEE(O)/T-15/0073 dtd.28.01.2020 Pune

Enquiry for providing 1 No Vehicle (Tata-Sumo or equivalent) with driver on hire for Batch 3 of Testing Division, Pune.(dated 28-01-2020)

28-01-2020 05-02-2020 (43 KB)
7000015077 Vashi

 Providing & supplying furniture at for CE(AC&I)SLDC Airoli

28-01-2020 04-02-2020 (98 KB)
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