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7000015521 & 7000015519 Vashi
  1. RFx for supply of Cable, Laying & Termination for new numerical 220kV Bus Bar protection at 400/220 kV RS(O&M) Dn. Padghe.
  2. RFx for the replacement of new numerical 220kV Bus Bar protection at 400/220 kV RS(O&M) Dn. Padghe.
13-03-2020 19-03-2020 (358 KB)
7000015558 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Supply & replacement of suspension string insulators (SSN/DSN) for SC line towers of 400KV Girwali-Solapur S/C Line under 400KV Line Maint. S/Dn-I under 400KV RS O&M Division Girwali.

13-03-2020 22-03-2020 (19 KB)
7000015522 Vashi

Tender for Annual Maintenance of Air Compressor of EHV CB at various substations  under Bhandup Division for year 2020-2021.

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (46 KB)
7000015518 Vashi

E-tender for Transformer Cooling Fan Repairs at various Substations under EHV (O&M) Dn., Bhandup for year 2020-2021.

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (41 KB)
7000015342 Vashi

RFx for Removing, shifting, installation and commissioning of pole 2 B-phase Converter Transformer by spare transformer and Erection of Outdoor X2 bushing  (Type: GOF 1550 OUTDOOR) & replacement of Gasket sets for spare BHEL make Smoothing reactor and shifting thereof at HVDC Terminal station, Padghe.

13-03-2020 19-03-2020 (219 KB)
7000015548 Karad

SRM RE-Tender for AMC & Attending Emergency work of 48V, 110V & 220V Battery Charger & 48V, 110V & 220V Battery sets at various S/s, under EHV O&M Division,Ratnagiri.

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (286 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/LTR/TS/285. Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work of Stub strengthening of EHV towers under 132kv Girwali-MIDC-Renapur-Ahmadpur D/C line at EHV line S/Dn. Latur.

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (476 KB)
7000015433 Karad

Extension Notice of SRM-Tender T-38/19-20 Rfx No. 7000015433 for the Supply of 5KV High Voltage Digital Insulation Testers with PI Indicator (Qty: - 7 Numbers) for various EHV S/stns under EHV O&M Division, Sangli

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (12 KB)
7000015516 Karad

Work of Supply installation and commissioning of allied equipment’s of existing 22 KV, 1x5 MVAR Capacitor Bank at 132 KV Dahiwadi S/Stn. & 132KV 30 MVAR Capacitor Bank at 220 KV Lonand S/Stn. under EHV O&M Division, Karad.

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (91 KB)
7000015506 Nagpur

E-Tender for Hydraulic System Overhauling & Attending of Leakages in pole of 400KV BHEL make Circuit Breaker AT 765/400KV S/S PGCIL, Wardha. (2nd Call)

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (55 KB)
7000015509 Nagpur

3rd Call : AMC for Utilization of services towards onsite repairing & testing of electronic cards of MACH Control & Protection system at HVDC Terminal station, Chandrapur for year 2019-2020.

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (135 KB)
7000015469 Nagpur

2nd Call E-tender for AMC for providing Antirodent treatment at HVDC Terminal station Chandrapur.

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (15 KB)
7000015505 Nashik

Notice for work of AMC for PCs, Laptops, Printers & associated equipments and LAN & associated equipments and rate list of related accessories/spares for various offices in Administrative Building under EHV PC O&M Zone Nashik

13-03-2020 20-03-2020 (15 KB)
7000015488 Karad

Construction of 132 kV SC on DC line from Mudshingi S/stn to Puikhadi S/stn by dismantling existing SC line using same ROW, under Kolhapur District.

13-03-2020 19-03-2020 (15 KB)
7000015417 Nashik

(2nd Call) E-Enquiry for the work of Anti-termite, Anti-reptile & rodent control treatment for 400 kV R.S. Dn, Deepnagar,Bhusawal-II

13-03-2020 23-03-2020 (102 KB)
7000015341 Nashik

3rd Call Notice for work of providing and fixing of fire bucket sheds with buckets in switchyard premises at various EHV Substations under EHV (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar.

13-03-2020 19-03-2020 (68 KB)
7000015348 Nashik

Extension notice for work of providing and fixing of PENTEX HV universal filler compound for compressed/bolted type to red hot suspected joints at various EHV S/Stn under EHV (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar.

13-03-2020 19-03-2020 (69 KB)
7000015369 Nashik

Notice for work of AMC for servicing/ repairing/ overhauling of ICT/TF cooling fans available at various EHV Sub-stations under EHV (O&M) Division, Babhaleshwar

13-03-2020 19-03-2020 (68 KB)
7000015398 Nashik

2nd Call Notice work of AMC for Repairs of 33 / 11 kV current transformers at various EHV sub-stations under EHV O&M Division Babhaleshwar as & when required.

13-03-2020 19-03-2020 (68 KB)
RE-Tender No. EE/TDP/DYEE(O)/2019-20/2/No.0177 on dtd. 12.03.2020 RFx No. 7000015523 Pune

RE-Tender Notice of RFx No. 7000015523 For Providing 6 nos of skilled technicians on contract basis for working under Testing division Pune (dated 12-03-2020)

13-03-2020 21-03-2020 (20 KB)
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