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7000021711 Vashi

Replacement of Existing 400kV 0.5 ACSR Quadruple Bus conductor Span at 400kV RS, Kharghar

04-01-2022 11-01-2022 (17 KB)
Tend-22/ 7000021415 Vashi

Overhauling of ABB make 220kV CB at various EHV Substation under Panvel circle ….1st extension.

04-01-2022 11-01-2022 (597 KB)
Tend-26/ 7000021818 Vashi

Work of  Supply & installation of LED light at 400kV Nagothnae S/stn under 400kV R.S. (O&M) Division Nagothane

04-01-2022 11-01-2022 (597 KB)
Tend-25/ 7000021819 Vashi

Work of supply &  replacement of existing old battery chargers & battery sets with new digital battery charger & battery sets at various substation under EHV (O&M) Circle, Panvel

04-01-2022 11-01-2022 (597 KB)
7000021575 SLDC Kalwa

Re-Tender for Annual Maintenance Service Contract of Desktop Computers, Laptops, Printers, Servers and LAN at SLDC,Airoli. (Comprehensive &Non Comprehensive).

04-01-2022 11-01-2022 (565 KB)
7000021853 Karad

Repairs and dismantling of RCC structures at 110 / 33 KV Sub Station Kuwarbav, Dist-Ratanagiri. ( RFX  No. 7000021853 )

04-01-2022 10-01-2022 (410 KB)
7000021852 Karad

Repairs to existing road by providing of tremix road at 220 KV  Oni Sub Station, Dist-Ratnagiri. ( RFX No. 7000021852 )        

04-01-2022 10-01-2022 (403 KB)
7000021773 Vashi

Extension Enquiry of RFx for Modification (Automation) of 2 Nos.1600 kVA DG set control panels at 500kV HVDC Terminal Station, Padghe.

04-01-2022 11-01-2022 (227 KB)
7000021730 Vashi

Extension of Rfx of Supply of Capacitor units 10 Nos. each of Capacitance 22.3 microfarad for High voltage AC filter HP 24/36 Capacitor banks & of 41.8 microfarad for High voltage AC filter HP 12 Capacitor banks at HVDC, Padghe.

04-01-2022 11-01-2022 (210 KB)
7000021855 Vashi

Notice for SRM Re-Tender (2nd call) for painting of various Transformers at 100kV Shahapur, 110kV Neral and 220kV PAL Dombivali Substations under EHV O&M Dn Dombivali. for FY 2021-22.

04-01-2022 10-01-2022 (32 KB)
7000021684 Vashi

Extension Enquiry of RFx for Manufacturing, Supply, Testing and Replacement of Valve Manifold box and urgent repairs of Simon Make Man lift 170E for indoor use at 500 kV HVDC Terminal Station, Padghe

04-01-2022 11-01-2022 (206 KB)
7000021836 Pune

Annual maintenance contract for attending planned outages works & emergency breakdown works at 400kV Substations under EHV O&M Circle, Pune. (dated 10.01.2021)

03-01-2022 13-01-2022 (1.4 MB)
002 Karad

Enquiry for Jr. Technician under Telecom Division Karad

03-01-2022 10-01-2022 (672 KB)
Ref. 002 3-1-2022 Vashi

Publication of lottery notice

03-01-2022 10-01-2022 (551 KB)
7000021736 Karad

EXTENSION notice:- SRM Tender for Work of repairing and overhauling of 145kV Siemens make Circuit breakers of Type 3AP1FG at various Substations under EHV O&M Circle, Kolhapur.

03-01-2022 10-01-2022 (204 KB)
7000021809 Nashik

EHV PC O&M Zone,Nashik:Notice to engage an agency to supply manpower on outsourcing basis to carry out job work Back Office - I(Skilled) for clerical cum typing work. Back Office-II(Skilled) for staff driver and Bck Office -III(unskilled) for office boy work 

03-01-2022 13-01-2022 (597 KB)
003 Amravati

E-enquiry Supply and installation of 1 No. Desktop Computer & 1 No. Printer at Newly created EHV S/stn Maintenance S/dn, Yavatmal under EHV O&M, Yavatmal.

03-01-2022 11-01-2022 (508 KB)
7000021836 Pune

Annual rate contract for attending planned outages works & emergency breakdown works at 400kV Substations under EHV O&M Circle, Pune.(dated 01.01.2022)

03-01-2022 10-01-2022 (377 KB)
7000021842 Nagpur

BMC of 400/220/132kV EHV Lines for attending emergency/ breakdown/ outage related work including restoration of collapsed towers of EHV Lines of various LMU S/Dn. and under EHV(O&M) Circle, Chandrapur.

01-01-2022 07-01-2022 (407 KB)
7000020579 Karad

Design, Supply & Installation of 110 (100+10) KW Rooftop Solar PV System with Net metering system at 400KV Receiving Station Alkud under EHV O&M Circle, Karad

01-01-2022 07-01-2022 (207 KB)
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