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EE/EHV/PD-III/SLP/T-03/2021-22 (RFX No -7000020311) Pune

Extendion for the work of providing LT line for 3ph connection at 132 kV Hotgi TSS. (dated 12.07.2021)

12-07-2021 19-07-2021 (13 KB)
tender expression of Interest at MSETCL website. Vashi

Purchase of freehold land for Establishment of 33KV Earth Electrode station for +/- 500KV HVDC Bipole link.

12-07-2021 17-08-2021 (135 KB)
7000019981 Nashik

EHV Projects Division, Nashik :SRM Re e-enquiry for Supply of water filter & cooler at sdn offices under EHV Project Division Nasik located at Nashik/ Ahmednagar/ Babhaleshwar.

12-07-2021 19-07-2021 (1.2 MB)
7000020121 Nashik

EHV Projects Division, Nashik :SRM Re e-enquiry for work of shifting of Balewadi Gaothan LT line which obstructing the erection work of locn no 8 in r/o 220kV Vishwind Bhenda GEC line.

12-07-2021 19-07-2021 (1.1 MB)
740 Karad

E-enquiry & Schedule B - Supply of various types printed registers, forms & other stationary material to EHV CCCM Circle, Kolhapur.

12-07-2021 20-07-2021 (420 KB)
E-Enquiry No: 0491 Pune

E-Enquiry for Hiring of LMV vehicle along with Driver for Line Maintenance Sub-Division Baramati under EHV O&M Division Baramati (dated 12.07.2021)

12-07-2021 20-07-2021 (436 KB)
7000020344 Vashi

“Establishment of 09 Numbers of 22 kV GIS Bays at 100/22 kV Padghe Sub-Station under EHV PC O&M Zone, Vashi”.

12-07-2021 19-07-2021 (450 KB)
7000020209 Nashik

2nd Call Notice for work of AMC for the work of Repairing, Overhauling & Servicing of various type of Air Compressors of 400 kV, 220kV & 132 kV Circuit Breakers at various EHV Substation under EHV (O&M) Circle, Khadka-Bhusawal.

12-07-2021 19-07-2021 (250 KB)
7000019098 Nashik

Cancellation Notice for 2nd call  for Work of Replacement/Rewiring of existing totally damaged electrical wiring of all staff Quarters (CLASS-I/II/III) And Main GCR Building etc. under 400 kV RS Dn. Khadka-Bhusawal.

12-07-2021 19-07-2021 (214 KB)
7000020386 Vashi

RFx for procurement & commissioning of 2 Nos. of Variable Frequency drive (ABB make Direct torque control ACS880 Drive module type ACS880-01-105A-3+display module) at HVDC Terminal Station ,Padghe.

12-07-2021 18-07-2021 (415 KB)
7000020383 Vashi

RFx for providing expert services for troubleshooting of AC/DC equipment's and control/ protection system at ±500 kV HVDC terminal station, Padghe for the F.Y. 2021-22.

12-07-2021 18-07-2021 (433 KB)
7000020380 Nagpur

Supply of Cross arms of Top, middle & bottom phase for suspension towers of 220KV Koradi-Kaulewada line under EHV(O&M) Division, MSETCL, Bhandara

10-07-2021 17-07-2021 (88 KB)
7000020184 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Work of Servicing & Overhauling of 33kV & 11kV AREVA/ALSTOM make circuit breakers under EHV (O&M) Division Aurangabad.

10-07-2021 16-07-2021 (42 KB)
7000020381 Nagpur

AMC for 2021-22 for the work of DGA & other testing of EHV grade ICT's and Transformer's Main Tank & OLTC oil sample of various Sub-stations under EHV(O&M) Division, MSETCL, Bhandara

10-07-2021 17-07-2021 (88 KB)
7000020380 Nagpur

Supply of Cross arms of Top, middle & bottom phase for suspension towers of 220KV Koradi-Kaulewada line under EHV(O&M) Division, MSETCL, Bhandara

10-07-2021 17-07-2021 (88 KB)
7000019780 SLDC Kalwa

SRM Re-tender Extension for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of LED Video wall display with controller and collaboration software for collaboration with Siemens Sinnaut Spectrum version 4.5.1, Spectrum 7 and compatible with New ULDC SCADA at SLDC, Airoli (Rfx No. 7000019780)

10-07-2021 17-07-2021 (572 KB)
7000020393 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender(Second Call): Work of Installation of Earthing station & renovation of earth mat at 220kV substation, Girwali under 400kV RS O&M Div., Girwali.

10-07-2021 18-07-2021 (27 KB)
7000020400 Nagpur

Work of overhauling, servicing & supply of spares of 145KV ABB Make Circuit Breakers at various S/stn under EHV O&M Circle, Chandrapur.

09-07-2021 23-07-2021 (355 KB)
7000020384 Amravati

SRM E-QUOTATION Work of maintenance of BCU room at 400 Kv Akola S/Stn. Dist. Akola

09-07-2021 16-07-2021 (344 KB)
7000020296 Karad

SRM-Tender Extension Notice T-02/2021-22 RFx. No. 7000020296 for the work of Work of Annual Maintenance Of Air Condition System at 400KV Receiving Station Alkud, under 400 KV R.S.(O&M) Dn.,Alkud(M)

09-07-2021 16-07-2021 (244 KB)
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