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7000014909 Pune

SRM Re-tender for Providing skilled/unskilled/semi-skilled manpower on contract basis at various Substations & Offices under EHV O&M Division, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune.(dated 07-01-2020)

07-01-2020 14-01-2020 (28 KB)
RFX no. 7000014879 Pune

Publication of E-Tender notice for AMC for Work of overhauling & servicing of 22/33 kV Circuit breakers under EHV (O&M) Dn. II, Pune.(dated 07-01-2020)

07-01-2020 16-01-2020 (13 KB)
7000014894 Nashik

EHV PC O&M zone Nashik:2nd call notice for Work of Rapid Restoration System to 400/220/33kV, 3X167MVA, ICT-I & II at 400kV R.S. Division, Deepnagar(Bhusawal-II) under EHV O&M Circle, Bhusawal

07-01-2020 13-01-2020 (14 KB)
7000014837 Karad

SRM -Tender Extension Notice RFX-7000014837 i.r.o.400 KV R.S Karad for Annual maintenance & attending emergency breakdown work of 400 KV Transmission Lines as and when required under 400 KV R.S.(O&M) Dn. Karad.

07-01-2020 14-01-2020 (1.2 MB)
EE/EHV/O&M/Division/Manchar/Tech/No. 0021, Date: 07.01.2019 Pune

E-Enquiry for Hiring of Vehicle (TATA SUMO or equivalent) for Hiring of Vehicle (TATA SUMO or equivalent) for a period of 20.01.2020 to 31.03.2020, for Line Maintenance Sub-Division Manchar staff, material, T&P and kits under EHV O&M Division Manchar.(dated 07-01-2020)

07-01-2020 15-01-2020 (806 KB)
72 Pune

Enquiry for Hiring of Diesel Vehicles Indica/indigo for S&I S/Dn, Pune under EHV Projects Dn-I, Pune.(dated 07-01-2020)

07-01-2020 13-01-2020 (257 KB)
7000014848 Karad

7 Days extension for SRM Tender Notice towards Overhauling of 245kV, CGL make SF6 gas circuit breaker (Type 200 SFM 40S) at 220kV Tillari substation under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur.

07-01-2020 15-01-2020 (44 KB)
7000014722 Karad

Repairing & Overhauling of CTR make OLTC diverter switch of 220/132/110KV, Power T/F with supply of required spares at various substations under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur.

07-01-2020 15-01-2020 (44 KB)
7000014685 Vashi
work of supply & installation of Digital communicable Transformer Auxillary Monitoring system at 220KV Kamba Substation  under EHV (O&M) Dn. Kalwa
07-01-2020 14-01-2020 (290 KB)
7000014729 Vashi
Tender for providing services for preparation / processing of forest clearance proposal including getting NOC from forest       Department for proposed tower of 400KV and 100KV D/C line of EHV O&M Dn., Kalwa under EHV (O&M) Circle., Kalwa (ORC work).
07-01-2020 14-01-2020 (213 KB)
--- Pune

Enquiry for work of upgradation by Buyback of laptop and supply of printer for HLU & PID Unit under EHV O&M Circle, Pune.(dated 07-01-2020)

07-01-2020 13-01-2020 (763 KB)
7000014904 Nashik

EHV PC (O&M) Zone,Nashik :Notice for work of Annual Transport Contract for Work for Transportation of Power Transformers & ICTs along with Loading, Unloading, winching and dismantling from one site to another site under EHV O&M Circle, Bhusawal

07-01-2020 12-01-2020 (14 KB)
7000014097 Pune

Work Contract for Supply Installation & Commissioning of Neutral Ground Reactor (NGR) at 220kV Phursungi & Bhosari S/s under EHV O&M Circle, Pune.(dated 06-01-2020)

07-01-2020 14-01-2020 (190 KB)
7000014900 Nashik

400KV R.S. Division,Khadka - Bhusawal: Notice for work of existing damaged electrical wiring of 32 Nos. of Air conditioners, New telecom office wirng and ceiling lightning wiring of grid control room in 400 GCR biuilding with supply and errection thereof. 

07-01-2020 13-01-2020 (431 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/LTR/TS/0024 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work of Providing, Fixing & Commissioning EPABX for Complete Intercom facility cabeling, telephone instruments etc at newly constructed Administrative office of EHV(O&M) Dn, Latur.

06-01-2020 13-01-2020 (291 KB)
7000014620 Vashi

 Providing preventive maintenance product (make – stanvac or equivalent) to 400kV R.S.(O&M) Division, Kharghar

06-01-2020 13-01-2020 (367 KB)
7000014892 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Notice Procurement of Aluminium Extension Tilt Table Tower Ladder & Aluminium Economical Telescopic ladder for newly commissioned & existing substations under EHV (O&M) Circle,Chandrapur

06-01-2020 13-01-2020 (79 KB)
7000014906 Nashik

Notice for work of AMC for the work of repairing of 33/11kV CT's and 33/11kV PT's at various Sub-stations under EHV O&M Division, Dhule.

06-01-2020 13-01-2020 (138 KB)
7000014750 Karad

Extension to SRM e-Tender no.05/2019-20 (RFx. No.7000014750) for Balance Supply, Civil, Erection Testing & Commissioning of 110 KV level creation at 220 KV Peth S/s. by construction of 220/110 KV, 100 MVA T/f. with HV, LV bays alongwith 110 KV feeder bay at Peth S/s. and 110 KV feeder bay at 110 KV Borgaon S/s.

06-01-2020 08-01-2020 (14 KB)
RFX no. 7000014902 Pune

Publication of E-Tender notice for Weed Control chemical Treatment & rodent control treatment at various substations under EHV (O&M) Division II, Pune for one year.(dated 06-01-2020)

06-01-2020 14-01-2020 (13 KB)
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