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EE/EHV(O&M)/NND/TS/File No.73/0067 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Hiring of vehicle i.e. Tata Sumo/Mahindra Bolero or equivalent vehicle with driver for PID testing under EHV(O&M) Circle, Parli.

21-01-2021 27-01-2021 (367 KB)
7000018544 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of Reinstallation and Recommissioning of explosion prevention and fire extinguishing system installed with 80 MVA, 220/33kV English Electric Make Transformer-I with Sr.No. 17:55658 CTR EPFES Panel under 400KV R S Dn. Waluj, Aurangabad.

21-01-2021 27-01-2021 (135 KB)
EE/400kV RS/Div./K'gaon/Nanded/TS/File No.43/No. 20 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work of Testing, Refilling and Reconditioning with refill of Dry chemical powder, CO2, Water CO2 fire extinguishers along with spares under 400kV R S Division Kumbhargaon, Nanded.

21-01-2021 27-01-2021 (1.6 MB)
7000018262 Vashi

2nd Call SRM enquiry for procurement of various types of T and P (Tools and plants) required for various maintenance activities at substations under 400kV RS O&M Dn Kalwa.

21-01-2021 28-01-2021 (108 KB)
7000018525 Vashi

Work of Procurement of 2 nos. of each of Numerical Distance, Back-Up and Differential relays for 220kV EHV lines and Transformers for EHV PC O&M Zone Vashi.

21-01-2021 28-01-2021 (421 KB)
7000018443 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender 07 Days Extension: Work of Renovation of Existing Substation Earthing at 132kV S/stn. Parbhani, under EHV (O&M) Division, Parbhani.

20-01-2021 28-01-2021 (379 KB)
7000018435 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender Extension: Works For Retrofitting of Nondirectional O/C E/F Back Up Relays For 33kv & 11kv Feeders At Various Substations Under T&C Circle, Aurangabad.

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (107 KB)
7000018258 Karad

Attending oil leakage of transformer joints by any advance oil leakage attending methods (e.g power seal/ power patch etc )at various EHV substations under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur SRM RE-TENDER NOTICE

20-01-2021 29-01-2021 (43 KB)
7000018534 Karad

Insulating oil testing of Transformer / ICT oil ( using NABL certified mobile testing VAN ) at various substation under EHV O&M DN, Kolhapur

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (44 KB)
7000018523 Nagpur

Publication of Corrigendum to Tender Notice for cancellation of (T-20)2nd call (RFx No. 7000018523)

20-01-2021 21-01-2021 (25 KB)
Rfx No.7000018540 Pune

Providing of skilled / unskilled manpower at EHV CCCM Circle Pune & underlying division offices on outsourcing. ( Tender No.4 / 2020-21) (dated 20.01.2021)

20-01-2021 26-01-2021 (34 KB)
EE/EHV(O&M)/Beed/Tech/No-116 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work for Dismantling and Erection of 132KV & 33KV Isolators at 132KV Omerga Sub-station under EHV(O&M) Division, Beed.

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (2 MB)
EE/EHV(O&M)/Beed/Tech/No-115 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work for Renovation of Existing earth Pits & additional earth pits at 132KV Sub-station Ashti under EHV O&M Division, Beed.

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (2 MB)
EE/TCD/KLW/Tech/36 Vashi

Budgetary offer for Retrofitting (Supply + ETC) of existing PLCC terminals working on old and obsolete technologies viz ABB make ETI 21/22 & BPL make 9505 V2/V3 terminals at various EHV substation under Telecom Division Kalwa.

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (1019 KB)
7000018511 Vashi

Construction open well at 400KV Nagothane substation.

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (527 KB)
7000018510 Vashi

Various civil maintenance works at Wasambe Colonies Dist.Raigad.

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (527 KB)
7000018502 Vashi

Metal spreading in yard, replacement of cable trench cover, construction of new compound wall , replacement of old drinking water pipe line, repair of damaged earth pit collar at 100KV Mhasala substation.

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (527 KB)
7000018513 Vashi

Work of providing& fixing of Sheet Moulding Compound Trench (chequered Trench Cover) for indoor application at 100 kV Vashi Sub-Stn under EHV O&M Division Bhandup.

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (54 KB)
7000018521 Vashi

Providing & erecting & erecting weather shed at type-I, type-II, type-III & Type-IV quarters at Nagothane S/stn---------IInd call

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (129 KB)
7000018520 Vashi

Metal spreading in yard, P/F concertina coil, providing new pipeline in yard & other misc. works at 220Kv Mahad, Dist. Raigad-------IInd call

20-01-2021 27-01-2021 (129 KB)
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