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7000021837 Nagpur

2nd Call Procurement/ supply of various type clamps and terminal connectors required for maintenance work of equipments viz. Bushings, CVTs & CB Isolators and as when required at 400KV Substation, GCR, MSETCL, Chandrapur.

07-01-2022 14-01-2022 (23 KB)
7000021842 Nagpur

Cancellationof tender notice for BMC of 400/220/132kV EHV Lines for attending emergency/ breakdown/ outage related work including restoration of collapsed towers of EHV Lines of various LMU S/Dn. and under EHV(O&M) Circle, Chandrapur

07-01-2022 08-01-2022 (353 KB)
44 Karad

Due date extension of E-Enquiry for the work of Providing services of Dew Point Testing meter for BHEL make 3x105 MvA 400/220/33 KV ICT at 400 KV New Koyna S/Stn.

07-01-2022 12-01-2022 (576 KB)
45 Karad

Due date extension of E-Enquiry for the work of conduction particle count test for BHEL make 3X105 MVA 400/ 220/33 KV tCT at 400 KV New Koyna S/Stn.

07-01-2022 12-01-2022 (566 KB)
3 Pune

Enquiry for work Annual Maintenance Contract in r/o Passenger lift installed at 400 KV Jejuri Control Room Building. (dated 07.01.2021)

07-01-2022 14-01-2022 (37 KB)
7000021897 Vashi

Enquiry of RFx for Supply of 02 Nos. load current digital Clamp on meter cum multi-meter & 03 Nos. of Digital Leakage and load current Clamp on meter for HVDC T & T Padghe.

07-01-2022 14-01-2022 (539 KB)
7000021812 Vashi

E tender for work of urgent construction of Protection wall of 400 KV Kalwa-Padgha Ckt. -2 (S/C) line at Loc. No 1072 & 1123 under EHV (O&M) Dn., Kalwa.

07-01-2022 14-01-2022 (537 KB)
7000021898 Vashi

Enquiry of RFx for Supply of 15kV screened, 20 meters lead set, 15kV Clips for 5kV Insulation Tester make-Megger, Model ( S1-554) for HVDC T&T Unit, Padghe.

07-01-2022 14-01-2022 (492 KB)
7000021895 Nagpur

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & Supply of spare material (as & when required) for Nitrogen Injection Fire Prevention & Extinguishing System at 400/220KV Koradi S/s under 400KV R.S (O&M) Division Nagpur.

07-01-2022 14-01-2022 (76 KB)
EE/EHV(O&M)/NND/TS/File No.73/No. 28 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work for Conducting Fire safety and security audit at various EHV substations under EHV(O&M) Division, Nanded.

07-01-2022 13-01-2022 (913 KB)
7000021877 Vashi

E-Enquiry for procurement of Steel Cupboard, water cooler with purifier required at various substations and Division offices under EHV (O&M) Circle, Kalwa under GAB 2021-22.

07-01-2022 14-01-2022 (585 KB)
7000021896 Karad

Providing outsource LDC cum Computer Operators & Peon under EHV O&M Circle, Karad

07-01-2022 15-01-2022 (283 KB)
7000021891 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of providing & fixing of spike type lightening arrestor using special type of earthing for 132 kV Renapur-Ahmadpur-Girwali-MIDC D/c Ckt under EHV Line Maintenance Sub-Division, Latur.

07-01-2022 16-01-2022 (25 KB)
7000021723 Nashik

400 KV R.S. (O&M) Division, Dhule:SRM E-enquiry Work of Anti-termite, Anti-reptile & Rodent control treatment at 400KV RS Dhule & 220KV Old Dhule S.S.

07-01-2022 14-01-2022 (30 KB)
7000021894 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER NOTICE Work of AMC for attending emergency Breakdown & Maintenance of various 220 kV & 132 kV lines under EHV (O&M) Division, Akola.

07-01-2022 13-01-2022 (16 KB)
Tend-16/ 7000021433 Vashi

Overhauling of ABB make 100kV CBs under EHV O&M  Panvel circle

06-01-2022 14-01-2022 (592 KB)
Tend-20/ 7000021524 Vashi

Supply of Tables, Water Purifier/cooler, AC under EHV O&M circle Panvel

06-01-2022 14-01-2022 (592 KB)
Tend-19/ 7000021620 Vashi

AMC for restoration of collapse towers of 400KV, 220KV & 100KV lines  under  of  EHV (O&M) Circle Panvel

06-01-2022 14-01-2022 (592 KB)
7000021881 Karad

Supply of 5KV High Voltage Digital Insulator Tester with PI indicator at various S/Stns under EHV O&M Division, Karad.

06-01-2022 13-01-2022 (15 KB)
7000021899 Nagpur

Work of Supply , Installation , Configuration & Commissioning of RTU ,for data visibility on 104 protocol to SLDC/ALDC at 220KV Ballarshah, 220KV Purti & 220KV Suryalaxmi S/s .

06-01-2022 13-01-2022 (536 KB)
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