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7000014932 Karad

Repair of damaged or faulty 33/11kV, CT/PT at various 220/110kV substations under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur.

10-01-2020 20-01-2020 (43 KB)
7000014940 Karad

RFX No-7000014940, Tender for "Supply of 3KVA/72V, Single phase Online ups at 400kV R.S.Division Talandge

10-01-2020 17-01-2020 (1.1 MB)
EE/EHV(O&M)/Abad/Tech/T/0027 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Hiring Vehicle Tata Sumo for LMSDn Jalna under EHV O&M Division Abad.

10-01-2020 17-01-2020 (204 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/Division/Manchar/Tech/No. 35, Date: 10.01.2020 Pune

Re-Enquiry for Hiring of Vehicle (TATA SUMO or equivalent) for a period of 20.01.2020 to 31.03.2020 for Additional Executive Engineer Line Maintenance Sub-Division Manchar under EHV O&M Division Manchar.(dated 10-01-2020)

10-01-2020 18-01-2020 (806 KB)
7000014903 Amravati

SRM E-TENDER NOTICE Civil work for renovation and structural strengthening of 1Nos. Type II, 2 Nos.Type III building,1No. Type IV building of colony premises of 132 KV S/Stn. Khamgaon, Dist-Buldhana

10-01-2020 17-01-2020 (156 KB)
MSETCL/EE/O&M/Dn./Kop/T/LP/No.32 Karad

Providing 1 No. Diesel Vehicle (TATA- Indica / Indigo / Swift desire / Honda Amaze or equivalent with AC) with Driver on hire per day basis for the office of the Executive Engineer, EHV O&M Division, Kolhapur.

09-01-2020 16-01-2020 (129 KB)
0076 Amravati

E – Enquiry for work of transportation of various material under EHV O&M Division, Akola.

09-01-2020 15-01-2020 (523 KB)
EE/400kV/RS (O&M)/DN/LNKD/Tech/T-19/2019-20 DATE: 07.01.2020, RFx- 7000014930 Pune

RE-tender for the work of overhauling & servicing of various make 22 kV Circuit breakers under 400 KV R.S.(O&M) Dn Lonikand-I.(dated 09-01-2020)

09-01-2020 16-01-2020 (17 KB)
Ref-EE/400 KV /R.S.O&M /Dn/Lonikand/Tech/F-03/ 22 Date- 09.01.2020 Pune

E-enquiry for Hiring of Vehicle (Tata Sumo or equivalent) for 400kV Line maintenance S/Dn-1 under 400 KV R.S. O&M Division Lonikand-I.(dated 09-01-2020)

09-01-2020 16-01-2020 (53 KB)
7000014915 Nagpur

E-TENDER NOTICE Supply, ETC & Civil Works for establishment of 33kV level (220/33 kV 25 MVA transformer) at 400 kV Khaperkheda S/stn, Tal. Saoner, Dist Nagpur 3rd Call

09-01-2020 16-01-2020 (40 KB)
7000014919 Pune

E-Tender for work of replacement of 245 kV & 145 kV Current transformers at various substation under EHV O&M Circle PUNE.(dated 09-01-2020)

09-01-2020 15-01-2020 (8 KB)
7000014914 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Various Civil maintenance work of type II & type III staff quarters at LD centre Ambazari, Dist Nagpur

09-01-2020 16-01-2020 (88 KB)

Civil work for Construction of temporary shed 2m X 2m for AMR panel in 132 KV Murtizapur TSS S/Stn. and 220 KV Akola TSS S/stn.

09-01-2020 17-01-2020 (104 KB)
003 Karad

Cancellation notice of E-Enquiry No.003 Dtd.04.01.2020 for Supply of New GE Make (Alstom) Numerical Distance Relay Model No.P444916B6M0830M at 400 KV R.S.Karad.

09-01-2020 16-01-2020 (514 KB)
Tender No. 06/2019-20 RFx No:7000014887 Pune

2nd call for Annual rate contract for maintenance work of various 132kV, 220kV EHV Substations under EHV O&M Dn. Baramati.(dated 09-01-2020)

09-01-2020 15-01-2020 (9 KB)
7000014898 Pune

RE Tedner for Work Contract for the work of Chemical Washing of disc insulator strings by using high insulating cleaner & protector to various 220kV & 100 kV EHV lines under EHV O&M Dn II Pune.(dated 08-01-2020)

09-01-2020 16-01-2020 (189 KB)
7000014899 Pune

Re Tedner for Supply of Portable LED lights (Head Lamp, Beam Light) under Pune Zone. (dated 08-01-2020)

09-01-2020 16-01-2020 (191 KB)
7000014839 Nashik

Extension Notice for Work of Annual maintenance contract (AMC) for the work of repairing and Servicing of various CTR make NIFPS (Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System) of 400/220/132 KV ICT's & 400kV Reactors under 400 KV RS Div. Dhule

09-01-2020 15-01-2020 (18 KB)
7000014844 Nashik

1st Extesnion Notice  to Work of Cleaning , Sweeping, at various Sub Stations, Maintenance Sub Divisions & Division Office under EHV O&M Division, Dhule.

09-01-2020 15-01-2020 (59 KB)
7000014755 Nashik

Extension Notice to Work of Annual Maintenance contract for attending preventive as well as emergency work of 220kV & 132kV EHV Transmission Lines under EHV O&M Division, Dhule

09-01-2020 15-01-2020 (61 KB)
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