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7000015110 Amravati

SRM SHORT E-TENDER NOTICE  Work of Supply of ACs and LMs at 132kV Ralegaon S/Stn. under EHV Projects Division, Amravati.

08-02-2020 14-02-2020 (128 KB)
7000015208 Amravati

SRM e-TENDER NOTICE Fixing concertina coil on compound wall and other civil work at 220KV Anjangaon ( Vihigaon) Dist. Amravati.

08-02-2020 15-02-2020 (381 KB)
7000015192 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Overhauling Work of various Make OLTC Diverter Switch of ICTs & Power TFs at various Substations under EHV O&M Division, Parbhani(FY 2019-20).

08-02-2020 14-02-2020 (372 KB)
7000015062 , 7000015209 Pune

Repair & reconstruction of compound wall by dismantling of UCR at 220kv ranjangaon Stn Dist Pune.

Maintenance & upkeepment of various civil assets at 220kv Pirangut S/Stn Dist Pune. (dated 07-02-2020)

08-02-2020 15-02-2020 (110 KB)
7000015194 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender: Work of Providing & Fixing of Neutral Grounding Reactor as fault current limiter for 50 MVA 220/33 KV & 100 MVA, 220/33-33 KV Transformers at 400kV R.S. Division, Waluj.

08-02-2020 15-02-2020 (211 KB)
7000015128 Nashik

Notice for Work of supply of SS Nutbolts and Clamps at 400KV R S Babhaleshwar.

08-02-2020 16-02-2020 (99 KB)
223 Karad

e-enquiry no.223 dt.07.02.2020 in r/o allied works at 220KV Miraj S/s for the re-orientation of end bays.

07-02-2020 15-02-2020 (354 KB)
7000015200 Karad

AMENDMENT in RFx No. 7000015200 For Sr. No. 10 of Tender Qualifying Criteria 

07-02-2020 14-02-2020 (15 KB)
7000014900 Nashik

400KV R.S. Division,Khadka - Bhusawal Cancellation Notice of SRM E-Tender/RFx No. 7000014900

07-02-2020 15-02-2020 (451 KB)
7000015081 Nagpur

1st Extension SRM e-Tender for providing & fitting of Earth wire copper Bond of  400KV lines under HVDC TL O&M Division, Chandrapur (2nd call)

07-02-2020 13-02-2020 (13 KB)
7000015204 Nagpur

2nd Call Tender for work of complete servicing/ overhauling Repairing of Air Compressor of various make viz. ELGI/ INGERSOLL RANDS / ZEN Air Tech Pvt. Ltd., any other make etc. of 400KV/220KV Circuit Breaker along with supply of spares /materials required for servicing/ overhauling / repairing at 400KV
GCR Substation, Chandrapur.

07-02-2020 14-02-2020 (122 KB)
7000015199 Nagpur

SRM E-Tender Notice Procurement of Furniture for newly commissioned 220kV Karanja, 132kV Chamorshi S/stn in EHV O&M Circle, Chandrapur under General Asset budget 2019-2020.

07-02-2020 13-02-2020 (80 KB)
7000015054 Karad

SRM E-Tender T-5/2019-20 in r/o providing man power for various posts through Outsourcing under EHV Proj Dn Kolhapur

07-02-2020 11-02-2020 (41 KB)
7000015197 Vashi

 E-enquiry for work of Refilling & Testing of Fire Fighting Equipment at various locations under the jurisdiction of 500kV HVDC TL (O&M) Division Jalna.

07-02-2020 14-02-2020 (216 KB)
7000015201 Vashi

RFx for supply of material required for retrofitting of PDC(Power Distribution Cubicles) & lighting panels at HVDC Terminal Station Padghe.

07-02-2020 13-02-2020 (343 KB)
7000014818 Vashi

Providing and installation of D.C. Monitoring system at various substations under EHV (O&M) Circle Panvel. 

07-02-2020 17-02-2020 (208 KB)
RFX No.7000015178 Pune

Supply of Office Stationery for various sections and underlying Division at EHV CCCM Circle Pune.(dated 07-02-2020)

07-02-2020 14-02-2020 (867 KB)
7000015220 Karad

Work of Diagnosis & Repair of Siemens RTU AK1703 (Supply & Service of CP 2017 Card & Ethernet Switch) SCADA at 220KV Jath S/Stn under EHV O&M Division Sangli.

07-02-2020 15-02-2020 (19 KB)
7000015207 Karad

Supply of 5KV High Voltage Digital Insulation Testers with PI Indicator for various EHV S/stns under EHV O&M Division, Sangli. 

07-02-2020 15-02-2020 (19 KB)
7000014280 Karad

Cancellation of SRM-Tender T-30/19-20/ RFx. No. 7000014280 (IInd Call) for the Work of Diagnosis & Repair of Siemens RTU AK1703 (Jath S/Stn Supply & Service of CP 2017 Card & Ethernet Switch) SCADA at 220KV under EHV O&M Division Sangli.

07-02-2020 13-02-2020 (15 KB)
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