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7000024640 Pune

Procurement of Earthwire (GI 7/3.15 mm) under EHV O&M Circle, Pune (dated 15-09-2022) 

16-09-2022 26-09-2022 (121 KB)
7000024632 Karad

Work of providing & fixing of High Voltage Insulating,acid proof mat (3.0 mm Thickness) for electrical purpose confirming IS: 15652:2006 and having in-built auto-glow bands on border of mats at various S/Stns under EHV O&M DN., Sangli

16-09-2022 22-09-2022 (19 KB)
RFX:7000024672 Nagpur

Work of Annual maintenance for maintaining the substation yard clean free from growth of any type of grass, shrubs, bushes & small trees and disposing of the removed grass with glycell treatment as directed by S/Stn. Incharge at 132kV Sub Stations under RS Ringmain Division Nagpur

16-09-2022 23-09-2022 (214 KB)
7000024645 Vashi

E-Tender Notice for Supply, Erection and Commissioning of i) Additional New 220 kV PT Bay at 220kV Nalasopara, Vasai, Viraj S/stn, 220KV Mahape, 220KV Nerul, 220KV Colourchem, ii) Additional New 100KV PT Bay & 22KV PT Bay at 100KV Bhiwandi s/stn & iii) 132 kV PT Bay along with Shifting of existing 132kV PT at 132kV Palghar S/stn under EHV O&M Circle, Kalwa.


16-09-2022 23-09-2022 (751 KB)
7000024667 Nagpur

2nd call E-tender for AMC for the work of replacement of bearing and alignment of valve cooling motors and other motors Installed at HVDC Terminal Station, Chandrapur for the year 2022-24.

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (17 KB)

Enquiry for providing of 2 No. Light Vehicle with Taxi Permit at ALDC, Ambazari, Nagpur.

Document Title End Date File
Providing of 2 No. Light Vehicle with Taxi Permit at ALDC, Ambazari, Nagpur.---- Extension thereof 26-09-2022 (179 KB)
15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (216 KB)
EE/EHV(O&M)/A'bad/No.00974 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Supply of printer cum scanner cum copier Canon/HP under EHV O&M Division , Aurangabad.

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (1021 KB)
7000024081 Vashi

3rd call E-tender refilling and servicing of different types of fire extinguisher 400KV R.S. Kalwa & 220KV R.S. Kalwa under 400KV RS (O&M) Dn. Kalwa.

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (157 KB)
7000024664 Amravati

 SRM E-TENDER NOTICE Balance work of C&R Panels, SCADA integration & Bus-Bar integration for 2X132Kv Bhokardhan End Bay at 132 KV Dhad Sub Station and 2X132Kv Dhad End Bay at 220 KV Bhokardhan Sub Station on risk and cost of M/s Jay Aditya electricals, Indore.

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (122 KB)
7000024657 Karad

SRM Tender Notice for SRM Tender No.T-18/2022-23(RFX No.7000024657) under EHV CCCM Division, Bapat Camp, Kolhapur.(15.09.2022)

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (394 KB)
1289 Karad

Enquiry for Providing & Printing of log sheets (A3 size) for various EHV Substations/SDN, under EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri.(15.09.2022)

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (309 KB)
7000024659 Karad

SRM Tender Notice for SRM Tender No.T-19/2022-23 (RFX No.7000024659)under EHV CCCM Division, Bapat Camp, Kolhapur.(15.09.2022)

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (404 KB)
5000001036 Corporate Office

Printing of Mahapareshan Samachar News Letter (Appintment of new Printing agency)

15-09-2022 26-09-2022 (404 KB)
221 Pune

Cancellation of Re-E-Enquiry for annual maintenance contract of Battery charger (Float & Boost) & Capacity Test of battery set at 400 KV R.S.(O&M)Dn. Jejuri. (dated 15-09-2022) 

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (114 KB)
218 Pune

E-Enquiry for providing Housekeeping service at RTC (Training Hall & Hostel buildings 1 & 3) at 400 KV R.S.(O&M)Dn. Jejuri. (dated 15-09-2022)

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (49 KB)
7000024641 Karad

SRM e-tender no.01 notice (RFx.No.7000024641) for preliminary and detailed survey of 132KV/220 KV/400 KV EHV lines in Sangli & Satara district under EHV Projects Division,Sangli.(15.09.2022)

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (15 KB)
1109 Karad

Enquiry No. 1109 for budgetory offer for Inspection, Supply & repair of 11/33kV CT/PT.(15.09.2022)

15-09-2022 23-09-2022 (87 KB)
1110 Karad

Enquiry No. 1110 for budgetory offer for Inspection, Supply & repair of 11kV CB.(15.09.2022)

15-09-2022 23-09-2022 (84 KB)
EE / EHV (O&M) / Dn. / NSK / Tech /1692 Nashik

E-enquiry for providing 1 No. Diesel utility vehicle, Bolero camper/ TATA SUMO with driver on hire per day basis for Line Maintenance Sub-Division Manmad II (Malegaon) under EHV O&M Division Nashik.

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (833 KB)
116 Karad

Enquiry for Work of Refilling, Testing, Labeling & Replacing of faulty spares of various types of fire extinguishers as per IS 2190:1992 at 400KV RS, Alkud under 400KV RS Dn., Alkud(M).(15.09.2022)

15-09-2022 22-09-2022 (34 KB)
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