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7000025939 Nagpur

1st Call Tender for the work of complete pole overhauling , servicing along with supply of overhauling kits for pole Column for 245KV ABB make SF6 circuit breakers to rectify the problem of bounces seen in DCRM graph in ABB make Breakers at 220KV substation under 400Kv RS O&M Division, GCR, MSETCL, Chandrapur.

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (197 KB)
SE/TCC/ABD/TS/ 69 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry Extension II: Supply of 5 Nos of Differential Relay for Power Transformers for EHV substations under EHV PC O&M Zone Aurangabad Sealed & firm quotations are invited from MSETCL approved vendors for above works.

01-02-2023 06-02-2023 (241 KB)
7000026000 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender Period Extension: Work of Repairs & Modification of CTR make NIFPS of ICT's, TF and Development & Provision of signal used for SCADA connectivity of CTR make NIFPES of ICT's & TF at 400kV R.S. Division,Waluj.

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (135 KB)
EE/EHV (O&M)/PBN/TS/No. 70 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work of arresting Oil leakage though power transformers at various EHV substations under EHV(O&M) Division Parbhani.

01-02-2023 09-02-2023 (844 KB)
No.121 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Invitation of quotation Supply & fixing of Executive Revolving Chair, visiting chair, Steel slotted Angel Rack, Office Executive Table under EHV project dn Latur.

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (275 KB)
EE/EHV/O&M/LTR/TS/No.0108 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work of Repair/Reconditioning of 11kV CT, 33kV CT & 33kV PT for EHV S/s under EHV O&M Division, Latur.

01-02-2023 09-02-2023 (1.1 MB)
SE/221 dtd. 01.02.2023 Pune

Enquiry for budgetary offers for estimation purpose for supply of conductive hand gloves & socks utilized for bare hand method at Hot Line Unit under EHV O&M Circle Pune (dated 01-02-2023)

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (1001 KB)
7000026066 SLDC Kalwa

(2nd Call) Annual Maintenance Contract of Hardware/ Software for Computers and Printers at ALDC, Ambazari, Nagpur.

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (317 KB)
7000026004 Karad
Providing & fixing of Micro processor based 0.2S Class 3ph 4-wire meter (MFM) at 400 KV New Koyna.
01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (876 KB)
CE/EHV Projets cum O&M/Zone/ Nashik/T-30/No. 185 Nashik

E- Enquiry for Supply of Stationery Materials for EHV Project Cum (O&M) Zone Nashik

01-02-2023 10-02-2023 (574 KB)
7000026067 Nagpur

Providing & fixing of Breathers of different sizes for various capacity Transformers/ ICTs and Supply of Blue colour Silica Gel at various substations under EHV O&M Circle, Chandrapur.

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (464 KB)
7000026063 Karad

Work of providing outsource ITI skilled Technicians on contract basis in shift duty at 220KV Vankusawade S/Stn. under EHV O&M Dn., Karad.

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (23 KB)
7000025733 Karad

Work of replacement of damaged / broken 0.4 ACSR Zebra Conductor of 220kV Kandalgaon – Sona Alloys – Lonand line by new 0.4 ACSR Zebra Conductor & hardware under LMSDN Lonand under EHV O&M Dn.,Karad

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (282 KB)
7000026054 Amravati

E-TENDER NOTICE Various civil maintenance works at 400 KV Staff Quarters under 400 KV RS Division at Gaurakshan Colony Akola

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (482 KB)
7000026027, 7000026029, 7000026028 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender for the following works:

1) The work of height rising of compound wall, repairing of store shed & other misc civil works at 132 kV S/S Mukhed, Dist. Nanded.
2) The work of Providing Earthing pipeline to yard, replenishing of metal spreading & misc civil works of Control Room and switchyard at 132 kV S/Stn. Kandhar, Dist. Nanded.
3) The Work of removing existing chanlink and construction of compound wall & various civil maintenance works of switch yard at 132 kV S/S Umri, Dist. Nanded.

under EHV CCCM Division Parbhani.

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (550 KB)
7000026026, 7000026025 Aurangabad

SRM E-Tender for the following works:

1) The Work of rising of compound wall height at l32 kV Parbhani S/S Premises, Dist. Parbhani.
2) The Work of P/A Water proofing over CR slab, internal Painting, P/F earthing pipeline & replenishing of metal spreading at 132 kV Purna S/Stn. Dist. Parbhani.

under EHV CCCM Division Parbhani.

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (493 KB)
7000025704 Nashik

2nd call Extension Notice for Work of Annual Maintenance contract & attending emergency/breakdown maintenance work of 132kV &220kV EHV Substation’s under EHV O&M Division, Jalgaon (5210)

01-02-2023 08-02-2023 (13 KB)
7000026042 Karad

Work of Cold Line Chemical Washing of Alkud LILO of 220KV Vita- Alkud & 220KV Alkud-Mhaishal Line of LMSD Vishrambag & 220KV Insulator Strings at 220KV Miraj S/Stn under EHV O&M Division Sangli by using High Voltage Insulator Cleaner & Protector

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (19 KB)
7000026049 Karad

SRM tender notice for Work of Annual Insulator cleaning work of 220/132/110 kV EHV lines, under EHV O&M Division Ratnagiri

01-02-2023 07-02-2023 (599 KB)
EE/400KV/RSDn/WLJ/Tech/No.0049 Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Hiring of vehicle TATA Sumo/Mahindra Bolero, Scorpio etc. for Line Sub-Division Waluj at 400K V R.S. Division, Waluj.

31-01-2023 06-02-2023 (286 KB)
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