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EE/400kV/RS(O&M)/DN/LNKD/Tech/T-18/2019-20, RFx-7000014901 Pune

E-Tender for providing services of skilled & unskilled persons on outsource basis at various sections under 400kV R.S. Dn. Lonikand-I.(dated 04.01-2020)

04-01-2020 12-01-2020 (27 KB)
7000014703 Pune

SRM Re-E-Tender for erection of 1no. of 33kV Bay Takli Bhima feeder under INFRA -II scheme at 132kV Sanaswadi substation under EHV O&M Circle, Pune.(dated 04-01-2020)

04-01-2020 10-01-2020 (11 KB)
EE/400kV RS/Div./K'gaon/Nanded/TS/File No.43/No. 08. Aurangabad

E-Enquiry: Work of Supply & Installation of OSR relay for ICT-2 Y-Ph Unit & Spare availability  at 400 kV R S Kumbhargaon, Nanded.

04-01-2020 07-01-2020 (1.1 MB)
7000014885 Karad

Repairs to store shed of EHV line S/Dn., providing external & internal painting & other various civil maint. works in flood affected buildings at colony & office premises at 110 KV S/stn. Bapat Camp,Dist-Kolhapur. ( RFX No. 7000014885 )

04-01-2020 10-01-2020 (271 KB)
7000014848 Karad

Overhauling of 245kV, CGL make SF6 gas circuit breaker (Type 200 SFM 40S) at 220kV Tillari substation under EHV O&M Division Kolhapur.

04-01-2020 13-01-2020 (44 KB)
EE/400kV/RS (O&M)/DN/LNKD/Tech/T-16/2019-20 DATE: 16.12.2019, RFx- 7000014888 Pune

E-tender for various works under Rate contract for carrying out emergency breakdown & routine line maintenance work on various 400kV Lines under 400kV R.S. (O&M) Division Lonikand – I (dated 04-01-2020)

04-01-2020 12-01-2020 (13 KB)
7000014738 Nashik

EHV PC (O&M) Zone,Nashik:Extension Notice for Work of conversion of 11kV Indoor Switchgear System to 11kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) System at 132kV Ambad and 132kV Ozar sub-stations under EHV O&M Division, Nashik

04-01-2020 10-01-2020 (651 KB)

e-Enquiry for providing Tata Indigo Car/Swift-Desire on hired basis with driver for the office of Superintending Engineer (Civil), EHV CCCM Circle, Nasik.

04-01-2020 14-01-2020 (2.2 MB)
003 Karad

E-Enquiry No.003 Dtd.04.01.2020 for Supply of New GE Make (Alstom) Numerical Distance Relay Model No.P444916B6M0830M at 400 KV R.S.Karad

04-01-2020 13-01-2020 (3.4 MB)
7000014877 Vashi

E-tender Notice for Providing & Fixing of soft starting mechanism for the cooling pump of 400/220kV, 600MVA ICT II, R&Y ph unit at 400kV RS Kalwa under 400kV R.S.O&M Dn. Kalwa 

04-01-2020 12-01-2020 (137 KB)
7000014885 Karad

Repairs to store shed of EHV line S/Dn., providing external & internal painting & other various civil maint. works in flood affected buildings at colony & office premises at 110 KV S/stn. Bapat Camp, Dist-Kolhapur. ( RFX No. 7000014885 )

04-01-2020 10-01-2020 (587 KB)
7000014830 Nashik

EHV Projects Division,Nashik :Extension notice in r/o Providing LT Temporary Connection at 400/220KV Karjat (Deulwadi) SS, Dist-A’nagar.

04-01-2020 06-01-2020 (272 KB)
6000000799 Corporate Office

T-2001/MSETCL/CO/C&M/Pre-tender/TKC-Lines -- Construction of Balance work for 400kV D/C Jejuri-Hinjewadi line ( Jejuri-Winjhar & Winjhar-Hinjewadi section Pkg-I & II ) under Pune Zone -2nd call

04-01-2020 04-02-2020 (66 KB)

E-Enquiry for Work of annual maintenance contract (AMC) for cleaning, sweeping and cleaning of toilet, WC pan, Urinal pan, Entrance area, Parking area at EHV (O&M) Circle, Khadka-Bhusawal.

04-01-2020 14-01-2020 (156 KB)
Tender No. 10/2019-20 RFx No:7000014858 Pune

Work of Oil Filtration & Oil Top Up for ICT/Power Transformer & OLTC at various EHV Sub Station under EHV O&M Dn Baramati.(dated 04-01-2020)

04-01-2020 11-01-2020 (9 KB)
7000014883 Pune

Extension to SRM E-Tender for annual contract for providing skilled/unskilled person at 400KV RS O &M Division, Jejuri on outsourcing basis for year 2019-20. (dated 16.01.2020)

03-01-2020 23-01-2020 (204 KB)
7000014565 SLDC Kalwa

SRM RE-Tender notice for renewal of Quick heal Antivirus software (100 no.) and procurement of additional 50 no. license at MSLDC for period of three year.

03-01-2020 09-01-2020 (397 KB)
0011 Amravati

Revised E-Enquiry for providing 5 Nos. of tyres & tubes for company vehicle TATA Sumo – MH 27X 9253 for Line Maint. Sub – Division – I, Akola under EHV (O&M) Division, Akola.

03-01-2020 07-01-2020 (383 KB)
6000000810 Corporate Office

T-1965/MSETCL/CO/C&M/Pre-tender/TKC-Lines -- Construction of LILO on 132 kV Shivajinagar - Dhule line (4 Kms) along with 02 x 132kV (AIS) line bays at 132 kV Sakri S/s under Nashik Zone MSETCL, Maharashtra.

03-01-2020 03-02-2020 (114 KB)
019 Nagpur

सुशिक्षित बेरोजगार अभियंता अंतर्गत वर्ग ब १ यांना लॉटरी पध्दतीने कामे वाटप करण्यासंबंधी आठवी लॉटरी (२०१९-२०) नागपूर जिल्हा बैठक दि.१०.०१.२०२० (शुक्रवार) ला घेणे बाबत

03-01-2020 10-01-2020 (1.3 MB)
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